Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Method of Hydraulic Forklift
Sep 26 , 2022
First, the fault diagnosis method of hydraulic forklift. The methods of diagnosing faults can usually be divided into three types, namely the regional diagnosis method, the comprehensive analysis method and the method of grasping the types of faults. Xiamen Interquip Forklift will work with you to understand the three methods.
1. The first is the regional diagnosis method. The regional diagnosis method generally uses some instruments. For example, the hydraulic system will use the hydraulic system fault detector to diagnose and eliminate the fault. The advantage of regional diagnosis is that it is easy to find and easy to find out the cause of the failure, but it needs to be equipped with a hydraulic system fault detector and the necessary training for the testing personnel.
2. Comprehensive analysis method. The comprehensive analysis method is to directly make a comprehensive analysis of a certain system of the hydraulic forklift, to eliminate the possible causes step by step, and to find the root cause of the failure. For example, when the hydraulic system of the hydraulic forklift fails, it is not easy to find the fault location immediately in most cases. Because in the hydraulic system, the appearance of a certain spare part failure may be caused by several situations. Therefore, the inspection and maintenance personnel who use this method to diagnose must have a certain basic knowledge of hydraulic forklifts, understand the working principle of the hydraulic system, be familiar with the working characteristics of the whole vehicle accessories of the hydraulic forklift, and master the work of the spare parts or the entire working system. Conditions and environmental requirements, must have a certain amount of hydraulic forklift maintenance practical experience and accessories knowledge.
3. Master the method of fault types. This method is mainly used for a high-level summary of a certain hydraulic system fault. It is a powerful work for technicians to diagnose and eliminate hydraulic system faults. In the daily maintenance and maintenance of the forklift, the operation record of the forklift and the working parameters of some systems are recorded, which is the scientific basis for preventing, discovering and dealing with faults. Establish a forklift operation failure analysis table, which is a high-level summary of the experience of maintenance personnel, which is helpful to quickly make judgments on the failure phenomenon, has certain detection methods, and can make accurate quantitative analysis of possible failures.
2. Troubleshooting methods of hydraulic forklifts
1. The fork does not rise to the highest level
Failure analysis: insufficient hydraulic oil. Maintenance method: directly add hydraulic oil;
2. The fork does not rise
Failure analysis: there are impurities or air in the hydraulic oil added; the pressure relief valve is not adjusted properly; maintenance methods: replace the clean hydraulic oil or drain the air in the hydraulic oil; adjust the screw of the pressure relief valve;
3. The fork does not drop
Failure analysis: Deformation of cylinder piston rod; parts deformation or damage; pressure relief valve not adjusted properly; maintenance method: replace oil cylinder or piston rod; repair or replace related parts; adjust and tighten the pressure relief valve screw;
4. Hydraulic oil leakage
Failure analysis: seals are worn or damaged; parts are cracked or worn. Maintenance method: replace new seals; check and update spare parts;
5. The fork will drop when there is no pressure relief
Failure analysis: there are impurities in the hydraulic oil, so the pressure relief valve cannot be closed; there is air in the hydraulic oil; the seals are worn or damaged; the pressure relief valve is not adjusted properly; maintenance methods: replace the clean hydraulic oil; remove the air in the hydraulic oil; Check and replace the seals; adjust the tightening pressure relief valve screw;
6. During the use of the hydraulic forklift, the most common failure problem is that the fork cannot be lifted and lowered. The maintenance method is to directly remove the cylinder of the hydraulic forklift when this failure occurs, replace the lower seal and shockproof ring, and then put the inner The small parts are cleaned with diesel oil and cleaning agent, and finally replaced with new hydraulic oil.
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