Heli Forklift Gearbox Maintenance Method
Feb 09 , 2022
1. Heli forklift gearbox maintenance
Lift the petrol forklift engine with a crane, take out the torque converter first, and then take out the entire forklift gearbox. Before disassembling, it is necessary to drain the forklift transmission oil first, then start to remove the upper cover of the gearbox, remove the forklift oil supply pump and check whether there is any damage. Then remove the front and rear clutch assemblies and check for damage and wear. If you need to replace them, you must replace them with new ones. Check and clean again, and then install the gearbox in sequence, and then install it on the forklift. For specific troubleshooting, please refer to the following methods:
1. Torque converter fault part
1), the forklift engine speed drops, the processing method is to increase the engine speed;
2) If there are air bubbles in the oil, directly check the tightness of the pipeline and whether the hydraulic oil of the forklift has deteriorated;
3), the oil temperature rise is too high or too low.
2. Gearbox part
1), the grinding and inspection piece is stuck or worn, check whether the forklift grinding and inspection piece has glue, uneven contact, and warping;
2) Grind the sealing ring or O-ring of the forklift, check whether the sealing ring and groove width are worn or damaged.
3. The oil temperature is too high
1) The torque converter works in the low speed ratio area for a long time, the efficiency of the torque converter is very low, or the time in the stall state is too long, this working condition should be changed and the above working conditions should be avoided.
2) When the speed ratio is high, the one-way clutch is stuck and out of control, which should be checked and eliminated.
3) If the amount of oil is too small, or bubbles are generated in the system, the oil amount should be increased to adjust the pressure of the exhaust valve.
4) If the quality of the oil is unqualified, it should be replaced with new oil.
4. Gearbox part
1), clutch obstacle, check whether the friction plate slips;
2) If the bearing is damaged, check whether the mating surface is damaged.
5. The gearbox does not work
1), check whether the control valve has spring stuck and broken;
2), check whether the main oil pressure is normal, if not, check whether the triple pump is too worn or damaged;
3) If the main oil pressure is normal, check the clutch oil pressure. If it is abnormal, check whether the sealing ring or O-ring is worn or damaged. Check whether the clutch and clutch piston ring are damaged;
4), check whether the torque converter oil pressure is normal, if not, check the torque converter.
Second, after the maintenance of Heli forklift gearbox, the following steps must be checked
1. Thoroughly clean the Heli forklift gearbox cooler and cooling oil pipe with a special cleaning agent to ensure that there is no debris and the oil passage is unobstructed.
After completion, check the flow pressure. Under normal circumstances, the pressure of the gearbox must reach at least 12KG. If necessary, replace the oil pipe of the water tank cooler;
2. Check whether the torque converter is in place;
3. Check whether the positioning pins and each screw between the engine and the Heli forklift gearbox are fully installed;
4. Check whether the torque converter screws are too long and whether the machine fits tightly after the installation bolts are tightened;
5. Check the flywheel runout of the forklift (reference value: below 1.0mm);
6. Check whether the gear lever, throttle cable and vacuum pipeline are well adjusted;
7. Fill the automatic transmission oil specified by the original factory (gear oil should be added for manual transmission models), check the oil level, not too much or too little;
8. Check that the machine foot glue is not damaged;
9. Make sure that each wire plug and ground wire are completely installed, and the transmission shaft and half shaft are assembled according to regulations;
10. The forklift gearbox is a very important system in the forklift body, which directly affects the safety of driving. It is recommended that once a problem is found, it should be repaired in time.
Third, the maintenance method of Heli forklift gearbox
1. In order to ensure the life of the mechanical parts and sealing elements of the hydraulic control oil circuit, the normal pressure of the control oil circuit is 1.1/u1.4Mpa;
2. Working oil Forklift trucks with automatic transmission use 6# hydraulic transmission oil and gearbox oil, and manual transmission models use gear oil. Use the oil temperature of 70-95C, and the use time should not be too long after it is higher than 95C;
3. Clean and maintain the automatic gearbox. Generally, it is necessary to replace the lubricating oil gearbox of the forklift truck gearbox every six months for cleaning and maintenance;
4. The replacement and cleaning cycle of the oil filter of the forklift truck should be within 50 hours of the new car, every 200 hours and 1200 hours thereafter, and every 600 hours in special harsh environments;
5. When the forklift is driving and shifting gears, the micro-actuated valve should be closed first, and then shifted; when braking, the micro-actuated valve must be closed first and then braked to prevent clutch damage or brake failure.
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