How to repair the all-electric pallet truck?
Sep 08 , 2021
1. The speed of the driving wheel of the all-electric pallet truck is reduced or the driving motor is overloaded
cause of issue:
a. The battery voltage is too low or the connector resistance is too large;
b. Excessive carbon deposits between the motor commutator slices;
c. Improper adjustment of the motor brake causes the motor to run with brake;
d. Lack of lubrication in the drive head gearbox and bearings;
e. The motor armature is short-circuited.
Repair method:
a. Check the voltage during load and clean the joints;
b. Clean the commutator;
c. Adjust the brake clearance;
d. Check, clean and refill lubricating oil;
e. Replace the motor with a new all-electric pallet truck.
2. The all-electric pallet truck is weak or unable to lift
cause of issue:
a. Excessive wear of gear pump and pump body;
b. The adjustment point of the overflow valve and the sealing valve in the valve block is changed;
c. Oil leakage in hydraulic pipeline;
d. The hydraulic oil temperature is too high and the hydraulic oil is too thin;
e. The sliding frame of the mast is jammed;
f. The speed of the oil pump motor is too low.
Repair method:
a. Replace wear parts or oil pump;
b. Replace or readjust;
c. Check and deal with the oil leak.
d. Replace the unqualified hydraulic oil and check the reason for the increase in oil temperature;
e. Check and adjust;
f. Check the motor and eliminate the fault;
3. The brake of the all-electric pallet truck fails.
cause of issue:
a. The brake button and part of the brake circuit are short-circuited;
b. The internal short circuit of the brake disk coil;
c. The brake is loose or the brake friction lining wear gap is too large;
d. The voltage is too low and the disk does not work.
Repair method:
a. Check and replace;
b. Replace the disk coil;
c. Adjust or replace with new parts;
d. Recharge.
4. The lifting speed of the all-electric pallet truck is too slow or unable to lift.
cause of issue:
a. The fuel tank is short of oil;
b. The pressure of the overflow valve is insufficient;
c. Excessive wear of the oil pump causes internal leakage;
d. Electromagnetic, manual reversing valve, one-way valve, safety valve wear or seal wear and ageing;
e. If the hydraulic oil temperature is too high for a long time, the hydraulic oil has deteriorated and its viscosity has dropped, causing leakage. Replace the hydraulic oil.
Repair method:
a. Replenish hydraulic oil or replace all of it;
b. Readjust the overflow valve;
c. Replace the oil pump;
d. Replace the seals.
5. The driving wheel produces abnormal noise when the all-electric pallet truck is walking.
cause of issue:
a. Mixing hard debris into the lubricating oil to update the lubricating oil;
b. The bearing is excessively worn or damaged and needs to be replaced;
6. The electrical accessories of the all-electric pallet truck are not working properly.
cause of issue:
a. The micro switch at the end of the handle is damaged or invalid or the position of the micro switch is improperly adjusted;
b. The main circuit fuse or the control circuit fuse is blown;
c. The battery voltage is too low;
d. The contactor contact singeing or too much dirt causes the contact to be bad.
e. The contact does not move.
Repair method:
a. Repair and replace the micro switch;
b. Replace the fuse of the same type;
c. Recharge;
d. Repair the contact, adjust the position or replace the contact;
e. Check whether the circuit of the attracting coil is interrupted or replace the contactor.
7. After the brake of the all-electric pallet truck is released, the brake pads and the brake drum still have friction
cause of issue:
a. The return spring of the brake shoe of the all-electric pallet is too soft or tossing; the gap between the brake shoe and the brake drum of the all-electric pallet is too small, and the card is issued; the pedal of the all-electric pallet;
b. The free stroke disappears or the return spring is too soft.
Repair method:
First check the free stroke of the brake pedal of the all-electric truck. The specific method is to loosen the lock nut and turn the master cylinder push rod until the pedal free stroke is reached. After working for a period of time, the all-electric pallet truck can feel the heating of the brake drum by hand. If all the wheels are heating, the fault lies in the master cylinder, which should be disassembled and checked to eliminate the fault. If the all-electric pallet truck has only a certain brake cylinder or the gap between the hoof and drum is too small, take specific measures to eliminate it according to the location and characteristics of the fault.
8. The all-electric pallet truck removes the air from the hydraulic system.
a. Air cylinder elimination method
First, check that the liquid level of the oil storage tank of the all-electric truck should be located at the indicating line, and it should always be maintained at or higher than this level during the exhaust process;
Secondly, connect the air pump to the air pipe joint on the top of the oil reservoir, tighten the oil reservoir cover, remove the vent screw cap, arrange the exhaust hose, and insert the other end of the hose vertically into the container with a little brake fluid. Once again, use an inflator to pump up the air, and the other to loosen the bleed screw, and use compressed air to force the air in the master cylinder, oil pipe, and sub-cylinder to be discharged together with the brake fluid until the exhausted brake fluid does not contain bubbles.
b. Foot brake elimination method
It is operated by two persons. One person steps on the pedals on the fully electric pallet truck to make the brake system generate enough pressure, and the other person under the fully electric pallet truck, loosen the bleed screw to remove the air, and then tighten the screw. Repeat this, until the air has been exhausted. Note: Brake fluid should be continuously added to the oil storage tank of the all-electric pallet truck. After the air is exhausted, the brake fluid should be added in time.
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