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Apr 13 , 2022
What is a Skid Steer Loader
Skid steer loader is a machine with lifting arm, solid body and engine, which can be installed with various attachments for operation. The power is generally 20~50 kilowatts, the mass of the main engine is 2000~4000 kilograms, and the speed is 10~15 kilometers per hour. It is mainly used for the occasions where the work site is narrow, the ground is uneven, and the work content changes frequently. It is suitable for infrastructure construction and industrial applications. , dock loading and unloading, urban streets, residences, barns, animal houses, airport runways, etc., and can also be used as auxiliary equipment for large-scale construction machinery.

Generally speaking, the most prominent feature of the skid steer is its unique steering method. Ordinary cars or loaders use front wheel steering, but the skid steer uses the difference in the linear speed of the wheels on both sides to achieve vehicle steering. 

How Skid Steer Loaders Work Wheelbase and Wheelbase
Two concepts will be involved here. Tread Width refers to the wheel center distance on both sides (between the left and right wheels of the car). Wheelbase refers to the distance between the center of the front and rear axles from the front and rear axles. In the design of skid steer loader, if the wheelbase is too short, it will cause the problems of small power required for mechanical rotation, poor stability and small rated load, but if the wheelbase is too long, although the stability is increased, the rotation is relatively difficult. More power is required, which will also cause the tires to wear out too quickly and the running parts to be stressed.
The wheel base determines the lateral stability and slippage of the vehicle body. The optimized wheel base to wheel base ratio of the skid steer is about 1.4:1. The optimized wheel base to wheel base ratio can provide the machine with better stability and optimized steering performance. And reduce energy loss, reduce tire wear.
The engine of the skid steer is distributed at the rear, which involves a problem of load distribution
What kind of load distribution is reasonable? Taking Bobcat Machinery as an example, Bobcat adopts
With unequal weight distribution, 30% in the front and 70% in the back when empty, 70% in the front and 30% in the back when fully loaded.
This load distribution allows for easier skid steering, saving fuel and increasing tire and drive component life.
Rated load capacity and tipping capacity
Rated load capacity and tipping load are two important parameters of skid steer loaders. Rated load capacity refers to an operator weighing 175 pounds on a hard and flat ground, under normal wheel pressure, according to the J732 clause of SAE in the United States. Tested with a standard bucket.
Tipping load refers to the minimum load when the bucket is raised furthest from the fuselage and the rear wheels are off the ground.

Another important feature of the skid steer is its extensive set of accessories and quick-change functions. Bobcat skid steers have developed to more than 100 attachments, and its quick-change function makes it quick and easy to replace attachments, making it easy for the skid steer to achieve more functions.

Lifting method
The skid steer has two lifting methods, arc lift and vertical lift. The highest lift height of arc lift equipment is in the middle of the lift path, so these equipment are more suitable for low to medium height work such as loading low level funnels or mobile sprinklers. The lifting height of the vertical lifting equipment can reach the highest point of the lifting path, which is suitable for places with high loading heights such as trucks.
Hydraulic drive
The working device of the skid steer loader adopts hydraulic transmission. Except for very few models with belt drive or chain drive, the travel drive system of the skid steer loader adopts a full hydraulic solution, a double-circuit closed system, and a swash plate type. Bidirectional variable pump, inclined shaft high-speed motor.
Bucket Digging Force and Bucket Propulsion
Digging force refers to the force that a loader bucket applies when shoveling a pile of material or excavating the ground. Bucket propulsion depends on loader weight and friction with the ground. Heavier vehicles have more bucket thrust.
Advantages of Skid Steer Loaders
The biggest feature of the skid steer loader is that the overall size of the whole machine is small, and it can realize in-situ steering; it can be quickly replaced or attached to various working devices at the job site. Its uses are mainly in the following aspects.
1. Since its minimum turning radius is less than half of the same grade of ammonium loaders, it is especially suitable for operations in narrow places such as urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, workshops, warehouses, docks, ship decks and even cabins.
Due to the short wheelbase, the skid-steer loader can work very dexterously in a narrow space. In a narrow space, the skid-steer can not only provide the original loading operation, but also realize various types of engineering operations through accessories. At the same time, the speed of engineering construction is greatly improved, and thanks to the comprehensive design, the own lighting system can provide a comprehensive range of lighting for the project.
The cab of the sliding equipment is located in the center of the equipment, which can ensure the safety of the operator while ensuring stability. Productivity experts in tight spaces - Skid Steer Loaders.
⒉ Adopt all-wheel drive, without inter-wheel differential, which is beneficial to work on undulating ground.
Diesel turbo engine, high-performance full-size tires, and ultra-short wheelbase design make the off-road capability of skidding significantly stronger than other similar equipment. At the same time, it also supports small-scale transportation.
The transmission system responds to the demand for high load capacity, and provides high torque power output while ensuring power.
3. Different working devices can be replaced or hooked up in an instant at the job site, generally only a few minutes. Therefore, it can carry out operations such as scraping, stacking, lifting, digging, drilling, crushing, grabbing, pushing and scraping, loosening soil, ditching, road cleaning and road compaction.
High-performance engines can provide comprehensive power support, and provide power output interfaces including engineering devices under various working conditions. While ensuring efficiency, it can ensure the diversified use of equipment, thereby reducing the idle rate of investors' equipment, and can maximize the efficiency. Significant improvement in related work efficiency.
As an important implementation tool, accessories are an important support for realizing on-site multi-functions. While ensuring the accuracy of the content of the relevant operations, it is also necessary to determine the relevant on-site conditions and work content to ensure the accuracy of the use of the relevant accessories.
4. It is used for logistics support, site cleaning and project finishing of large construction machinery.
Slippage during ground cleaning requires ground cleaning accessories. This kind of accessories can clean up the remaining tiles from the ground construction at high speed, and at the same time, through the fast rotating bristles, the dust can be quickly cleaned.
During the construction process, it is not only suitable for construction machinery, but also suitable for small and special environments such as ship cabins. 5. It can be used as a mobile pump station to provide power source for hydraulic tools such as hand-held hydraulic picks. The multi-function skid steer equipment can provide a variety of models, hydraulic interfaces with a variety of flows,
Guaranteed availability while ensuring diversity.
In construction projects, only a single power system is used for diversified operations. The fuel-saving effect of the engine design of the skid loader itself is a crucial environment. While ensuring fuel-saving, the efficiency of related construction projects is also guaranteed. is the top priority.
6. In road support, it can be directly used for snow clearing and cleaning operations. With snow clearing and deicing accessories, the skid equipment can quickly clear a large area of snow and ice. At the same time, it benefits from the mobility of the equipment itself to ensure Effective large-scale work of related equipment.

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