How to Check and Confirm the Failure of The Forklift Master Cylinder? Jan 09 , 2024
This article mainly shares with you how to check and confirm the fault points of the hydraulic diesel forklift master cylinder. However, we need to note that the following is only a summary of the experience of engineers of XIAMEN INTERQUIP MACHINERY CO., LTD., for reference only. To more accurately diagnose and repair the causes of internal combustion counterbalanced forklift failures, the forklift maintainers learn more and listen to the forklift driver's reflections and conduct on-site inspections of the forklift to fully understand the failure point of the forklift master cylinder.
First, the brake does not work. The fault phenomenon is that when the brake lever is tightened (it has reached the extreme position), the forklift can still slide on the slope or the forklift can start in gear after the engine is started.
Second, the cause of the failure.
1. The description of drum brake is as follows:
a. The control handle cable is too long or the nut is loose.
b. The gap between the brake friction pad and the brake drum is too large or the friction pad is oily, hardened, or the matte nails are exposed.
c. The brake drum is excessively worn or even out of round, causing the friction plate contact area to be too small.
2. Disc brake description is as follows:
a. The linkage arm tie rod is too long or the brake disc is uneven.
b. There is oil on the friction pad or brake disc, the friction pad is hardened or the matte nails are exposed; the gap between the friction pad and the brake disc is too large.
c. The connecting pins of the brake device are worn and loose.
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