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  • 0.9 / 900 kg Home / Farm / Garden New Smallest Mini Electric Hydraulic Pump Crawler Battery Digger Excavator for Sale
    0.9 / 900 kg Home / Farm / Garden New Smallest Mini Electric Hydraulic Pump Crawler Battery Digger Excavator for Sale Feature 1. Easy to operate, easy to operate device, in line with the new generation of ergonomics 2. Pure electric environmental protection design, its performance and noise have reached the highest level in Europe. 3. The reinforced track effectively enhances the wear resistance of the track and prolongs the service life of the track 4. Reasonable hydraulic layout greatly facilitates the inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic system. 5. Precise intelligent instrument. Specification Model E10  Electric Systems Baterry type  Li-ion battery pack Baterry capacity kW.h 7.68 System voltage v 51.2 Indicative runtime (typical duty cycle) hrs 4.5 Charging On-board charger Indicative charge time (on-board) hrs 8 @110v / 6@ 220v Off-board fast charge (optional) hrs 2@220 Motor type AC  Motor power (continuous / peak) HP (kw) (4/8) Operating Performance Operating weight  lb (kg) 2101(953) Standard bucket capacity cu.ft (cu.m) 0.78 (0.022) Max. arm digging force lb (kg) 1201(545) Max. bucket breakout force lb (kg) 1411(640) Max. traction force lb (kg) 1345(610) Max.boom cylinder lifting force lb (kg) 584(265) Unit swing speed rpm 8 *Boom swing angle left/right degree 65/55 Drive Performance Max travel speed mph (km/h) 1.24(2) Ground contact pressure psi (kpa) 4.35(30) Track type Rubber Gradeability % 30 Hydraulics Total hydraulic flow gal/min (L/min) 4.75(18) Max. operating pressure psi (mpa) 2610(18) Reservoir capacity gal (ltr) 3.17(12) Dimensions A   Overall transportation length ft. in. (mm) 8'9''(2720) B   Overall transportation width  ft. in. (mm) 2'8''(875) C   Overall transportaion height ft. in. (mm) 6'8''2077 D   Standard Width of bottom chassis ft. in. (mm) 2'7''(835)      * max.extend  ft. in. (mm) 3'2''(960)      * min. retract  ft. in. (mm) 2'5''(760) E   Track width  ft. in. (mm) 2'2''(657)       Rubber width in. (mm) 5.9''(180) F    *Tops canopy  max. height ft. in. (mm) 7'1''(2160)       *Rops canopy max.height ft. in. (mm) 7'0''(2140)       *Rops canopy min.height ft. in. (mm) 5'2''(1585) G   Max. digging height ft. in. (mm) 8'2''(2490) H   Max. dump height ft. in. (mm) 6'0''(1842) I     Max.diging depth ft. in. (mm) 5'6''(1720) J    Max. vertical dig depth ft. in. (mm) 5'3'' (1600) K   Max. digging radius @groud ft. in. (mm) 9'5''(2900) L    Maximum reach  ft. in. (mm) 9'8''(3000) M   blade Max. lift above ground in. (mm) 4.7''(120) N   blade Max. drop below ground in. (mm) 9.8''(250) O   Min. turning radius (mm) 4'5''(1380) P   Front transportation length ft. in. (mm) Q  Rear tansportation length ft. in. (mm) 2'4''(725) R  Left Horizontal distance ft. in. (mm) 1'4''(410) S  Right Horizontal distance ft. in. (mm) 1'6''(480) T  Min. tail turning radius ft. in. (mm) 2'8''(846) Note: 1.Operating weight includes 75kg driver weight and other optional parts. 2.Size with * is optional 3.The company reserves the right to change specifications without notice. This brochure is for descriptive purposes only. 4.For your safety, we strongly recommends the use of a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and seat belt for almost all applications.

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