Routine maintenance cycle and purpose of forklift May 11 , 2022
First, the routine maintenance cycle of the forklift
In order to make the performance of the forklift better, and also for the absolute safety of the forklift, according to the different structures of the forklift and the environment in which it is used, the routine maintenance cycle, requirements and methods are also different. Forklift maintenance The maintenance personnel can formulate a practical maintenance system according to the requirements of the forklift usage regulations and the specific working environment. For the routine maintenance cycle of the forklift and the precautions in the maintenance process, please refer to the following:
1. Daily maintenance: after each shift.
2. First-level technical maintenance: After accumulative working hours of 150 hours, forklifts whose working hours are less than 150 hours per year shall undergo first-level maintenance every year.
3. Secondary technical maintenance: After accumulative working hours of 500 hours, forklift trucks with less than 500 hours of work every three years will be subject to secondary maintenance every three years.
4. The running-in period of the internal combustion forklift is 50 hours after the forklift starts to use.

If the working conditions of the forklift are very bad, or work in a dusty and corrosive environment, the time interval for forklift maintenance should be shortened accordingly, especially for the maintenance of the air filter, fuel supply system and lubrication system. timely. The following points should be paid attention to when maintaining the forklift:
1. No matter what level of maintenance is carried out, dismantling and installation should be carried out in a planned and step-by-step manner;
2. Use tools reasonably, and the force must be appropriate, and must meet the requirements of the assembly tightening torque;
3. All parts should be cleaned after disintegration, and coated with anti-rust or grease to prevent rust;
4. Pay attention to the relative position, disassembly sequence, connection method and matching relationship of the detachable parts, and pay attention to the structural characteristics of each part to prevent damage to the parts when they are disassembled;
5. The dismantling workplace should be kept clean, and the dismantling parts should be neatly stacked after cleaning.

Second, the routine maintenance purpose of the forklift
The overall composition of the forklift is composed of various systems composed of tens of thousands of parts. With the continuous use and operation of the forklift, the performance of its various functional parts (including lubricating oil) is due to wear, aging, natural corrosion, etc. factor gradually decreased. Under the normal use of the forklift, this change will gradually occur on many parts. Therefore, the purpose of forklift maintenance is to make the parts of the forklift operate normally and extend its service life. All parts of the forklift must be systematically and carefully inspected, adjusted and cleaned to create good working conditions necessary for the normal operation of the forklift, fundamentally prevent the forklift from various failures due to early wear and tear, and give full play to the work of the forklift. efficiency and economical performance. Therefore, a strict maintenance system must be established during the use of the forklift, and various maintenance work must be done carefully.
In the process of maintenance and maintenance of the forklift, the driver must first do the daily maintenance work during the use of the forklift, and the equipment management department shall make timely adjustments and maintenance according to the daily report of the forklift driver. At the same time, the equipment technical file is established, so that the forklift always maintains a good technical condition. On the other hand, for enterprises, the purpose of forklift maintenance is a preventive work. It is also the easiest and most economical equipment maintenance and management method to prevent various possibilities caused by forklift failures, and it also extends to a certain extent. The key to forklift service life and lower maintenance costs.
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