Test Method After Installation and Maintenance of Forklift Generators Aug 16 , 2022
1. Installation of diesel forklift generator.
Before the forklift generator is installed, the bearing should be filled with lubricating grease (the user's compound calcium-based lubricating oil), and the amount of oil filling should not be too much. It will cause poor contact of the brushes.
First, install the rectifier on the rear end cover of the forklift generator. Be careful not to miss the insulating sleeves and gaskets on the lead-out bolts ("B", "N" terminals, etc.). Assemble the rotor and the front cover, the stator and the rear cover respectively, connect the diode and the stator winding, assemble the two end covers together, and screw on the fastening nut at the end of the shaft. After installing the oil seal cover, the front and rear covers of the forklift generator, and the connecting screws, install the brush into the forklift brush holder and cover the cover. Turn the rotor by hand to see if it is flexible, if not, please reassemble. The brush holder of another forklift generator is inside the forklift generator. The brush holder should be installed on the rear end cover first, and then the forklift brush should be pressed into the brush back, and a steel wire with a diameter of 1mm should be used. Insert the small hole of the rear end cover into the brush holder. After the motor is installed, pull out the steel wire, and finally check whether the forklift generator rotates flexibly.
2. The test method after the forklift generator is repaired.
In order to identify the maintenance quality of the forklift generator, if conditions permit, the maintenance technician can be asked to perform no-load and power tests, that is, to check the no-load power generation speed of the forklift generator and the speed when it reaches the rated load. The test method is to install the forklift generator on the test bench, first use the forklift battery to excite the forklift generator, increase the generator speed, and output current until the voltage is established. When the output voltage of the forklift generator reaches 14V, the forklift generator speed is the no-load speed. Adjust the load resistance to keep the output voltage 14V unchanged. When the ammeter indicates that the reading reaches the rated output current, the forklift generator speed should not be greater than the full load speed.
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