Tips for Buying Small Loaders Aug 01 , 2022
When buying a small loader, first look at your working environment. If you buy a small loader just to load the material or simply push down the factory, and do some odd jobs, you can use a single-cylinder or two-cylinder engine, and 12 models are enough. Now, if you buy a small loader with a harsh working environment, you can consider the 15-16 model. These two types are equipped with two-cylinder, three-cylinder and four-cylinder engines.
In terms of fuel consumption, the single-cylinder is definitely lower than the double-cylinder. The economy should also be considered when purchasing a small loader. The structure of the whole vehicle is durable. Here are a few suggestions for purchasing a small loader.
First choose a small loader engine. The single-cylinder engine is connected by a belt, which brings a little inconvenience when starting the old car and using the clutch. The structure and the clutch connection device are very simple. It is recommended to choose the pressure plate type clutch. In this case, the bottom of the engine can only be selected with two cylinders and above. The gearbox is generally mechanical, with a high bottom speed, which basically does not need to be considered. The rigid frame structure of the car looks solid. As mentioned above, in terms of the price of the new car, the comfort of the user and the maintenance cost in the future, it is more economical to use. For example, the full hydraulic type is easy to use, but it will be repaired in the future. The cost is high, and in terms of performance, I personally feel that it is very unstable and prone to problems.
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