What are the daily maintenance contents of electric forklifts? Jun 22 , 2022
The daily maintenance of electric forklifts mainly focuses on cleaning electric forklifts and external inspections. Under normal circumstances, the driver is directly responsible. After each shift is carried out on the same day, it includes three items: pre-use inspection, in-work inspection and post-return maintenance. The details are as follows:
1. Check items before use:
1. Remove oil dirt and dust from exposed parts such as the body of the electric forklift.
2. Check whether the oil and water of the electric forklift are leaking.
3. Check whether the on-board tools and accessories are complete.
4. Check whether the butter, brake oil, hydraulic oil, and chain oil are sufficient, and supplement if insufficient.
5. Check and tighten the screws, nuts and cotter pins of each electric forklift accessories.
6. Check the contact and firmness of each contact point of the electrical system, and wipe and polish each contact point.
2. Inspection at work.
1. Check the condition and tightening of tires, steering and braking devices.
2. For the daily maintenance of the forklift battery, refer to the maintenance and maintenance of the internal combustion forklift battery.
3. Check whether the horn, lighting, direction switch and brake switch are effective; check whether each indicating instrument is normal.
4. Check whether the oil level in the hydraulic oil tank meets the requirements, and whether the temperature measurement is too high (can not exceed 60 degrees); check whether the hydraulic pump, distribution valve and hydraulic cylinder work normally; check whether the main components and auxiliary components of the hydraulic system are abnormal Leakage and penetration.
5. Check and adjust the tightness of the two lifting chains.
6. Strictly prevent urban rainwater or other liquids from splashing into the city during operation, and it is strictly forbidden to use high-pressure water to wash the electric forklift to avoid affecting the electric forklift circuit system.
3. Maintenance items after returning to the warehouse.
1. Clean the exterior of the electric forklift body.
2. Check the tire pressure.
3. Troubleshoot problems found during work.
4. Check the tightening of the fork frame and the tension bolts of the lifting chain. If the inspection finds that the lifting chain is insufficiently lubricated, lubricate and adjust the lifting chain in time.
5. After the battery of the electric forklift is used, it should be charged in time. Over-discharge, over-charge, high-current charging, and under-charging are strictly prohibited, because this will cause the resistance to increase, the positive and negative plates will be damaged, the capacity of the forklift battery will decrease, and it will be difficult to use in severe cases.
6. Lubricate and adjust the lifting chain of the electric forklift.
7. Check and fasten the loose bolts on the outside of each assembly of the whole vehicle.
8. Check and organize on-board tools and accessories.
9. Clean the outside of the battery of the electric forklift, check the height of the electrolyte liquid level and the cleaning and tightening of the electrode column and connecting wire.
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