What are the inspection items after forklift repair? Sep 13 , 2022
After the 3 ton forklift has been repaired, the purpose of its inspection is to verify whether the performance of the forklift has returned to normal. The test should be carried out on a hard and flat road, and corresponding labor safety measures must be taken. Check the following items:
1. The spare parts replaced after repair should have the signature and seal of the inspection certificate or quality review personnel;
2. Check whether the parts of the forklift are complete, check whether the appearance quality is tight, and prevent it from tripping on its own;
3. Check whether the accessible (without disassembly) threaded joints are tightened to prevent them from tripping on their own;
4. Check the liquid level of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and brake oil in corresponding boxes and oil tanks;
5. Check whether the monitoring instruments and control devices are in normal condition;
6. Check the adjustment of the free travel of the brake pedal and the clutch pedal of the forklift truck; check whether the steering wheel is correspondingly parallel;
7. Check the maximum lifting height, when the forklift is fully loaded, the gantry is vertical, and the fork is lifted to the highest level, the vertical distance from the upper surface of the horizontal section of the fork to the ground;
8. Determine the maximum lifting speed. When the gantry is vertical, the forklift is fully loaded, the gear lever is in neutral, the engine accelerator is fully opened, and the distributor handle is pulled to the limit position, measure the average speed of the fork through the middle 2m stroke;
9. Check the inclination angle of the gantry. When the forklift is unloaded, the gantry is relative to the vertical position. The maximum inclination angle is forward and backward;
10. Measure the sliding rate of the forklift and the self-tilting rate of the gantry. When the gantry is vertical, the forklift lifts to the maximum height, and the engine and distributor are turned off, wait for 10 minutes to measure the descending distance of the fork and the change in the inclination of the gantry;
11. Determine the maximum running speed. When the forklift is fully loaded, the engine accelerator is fully opened, and the gear lever is in the highest gear, the forklift starts to travel a certain distance, and then the time it takes to pass the distance of 25m and 50m is measured twice, and the average is taken. value;
12. Measure the turning radius. When the forklift is unloaded, at the lowest running speed, turn the steering wheel fully, measure the outermost and innermost turning radius of the forklift, and measure the front, rear, left and right turns and run 4 times respectively, and obtain the maximum value. ;
13. Measure the braking distance. At the beginning of the test, the forklift is unloaded and the forward speed is 20km/h. When the forklift driver leaves the acceleration distance plate, the shift lever is placed in neutral, and the foot brake is used for emergency braking immediately. The skid distance from the start of braking to the stop of the forklift. No-load braking distance should be no more than 8m;
14. Check the parking brake, park the forklift on a dry and flat hard slope, and tighten the parking brake, which should meet the full load braking on the designed slope;
15. Check the working conditions of the forklift within 1 hour, check the temperature of the coolant of the forklift engine and the oil temperature of the transmission device, and must not exceed the allowable value. Observe the normal temperature rise of the main transmission, differential and brake hub by feel, and the principle should be not hot to the hand;
16. Check the noise and vibration of the forklift, which should not exceed the allowable value;
17. Check the oil in each box, oil tank, conduit and connection parts, there should be no leakage;
Although the above inspection methods are mainly aimed at the old-fashioned forklift equipment, because the number of old-fashioned forklifts currently on the market is still relatively large, the inspection method is still applicable. I hope to be helpful.
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