Analysis of Reach Diesel Forklifts Nov 11 , 2022
The gantry or fork frame of the reach diesel forklift can be moved forward and backward. The front fork refers to moving the fork forward when working, extending the front wheel fork to remove the goods, and retracting the fork belt when walking, so that the center of gravity of the goods is on the supporting surface. Inside; fork front fork refers to the fork that moves the fork forward to the outside of the front wheel for operation.
When walking, the fork bar forks the cargo to the support surface. Front mobile forklifts have two front legs, high outriggers and two wheels in front of the support legs. The function of the support legs is to ensure the stability of the forklift under load. The front wheel is larger and the support legs are higher compared to a jack-up forklift. When working, the outriggers cannot be inserted into the bottom of the cargo, and the gantry can move along the entire lifting mechanism along the tracks inside the outriggers.

Therefore, after picking up the goods, it can be slightly lifted to ensure the stability of the forklift operation. Like the forklift, the front forklift puts the center of gravity of the goods on the support plane of the vehicle, which has good stability. Suitable for workshop and warehouse work. The front mobile forklift has a small lifting capacity and is driven by a motor. Front mobile forklifts have the common features of counterweight forklifts and electric stackers. As the gantry rises to the top, the center of gravity of the load falls outside the fulcrum, which is equivalent to an electric stacker.
The combination of the two makes the forklift have the characteristics of flexible operation and large load, the volume and weight will not increase significantly, the weight of the vehicle will not be too large, and the vehicle weight is about 500 kg, saving space and more suitable for narrow indoor warehouse operations. The gantry of the front mobile forklift can move forward along the track and the lifting mechanism on the inner side of the outrigger to facilitate the forklift of the goods. After the fork is complete, the door frame returns to its original position along the inner rail of the outrigger after raising it a short distance.
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