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  • Multifunctional with CE 700kg Mini Loader
    Compact/Articulated/Multifunctional with CE/TUV Yanmar/Electronic/Battery/Kubota/Perkins Euro 5 Engine 700kg/0.7Ton Small/Mini Loader for Sales/Garden/Farm Product features: Four wheel drive, full power. Advanced AC controller and CANbus data bus technology Long endurance of the equipment Can be turned over to facilitate maintenance Comfortable operation and stable driving Pure electric system has the advantages of high efficiency Zero exhaust emission Low noise Environmental protection and energy saving Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with lower cost Optional Attachment   Specification Main parameter Operating weight 2450Kg Load rating 700Kg Moving speed 0-18km/h Moving motor Motor type           Permanent magnet synchronous motor Rated power of motor 20kw Motor Duty Rating Duty with non-periodic load and speed variations Oil Pump Motor Rated power of motor 10Kw Motor Duty Rating Duty with non-periodic load and speed variations Battery Battery Type Lithium iron phosphate Battery Voltage 144V Battery rated capacity 155Ah(standard) Battery weight 260Kg Charging time AC220V Charge:3h Operating time with full load 3.5h Operating time with rated load 4-5h Intermittent operation time 5-6h Theoretical lifespan 25 ℃ 0.5c charge and discharge for 3000 times, and the capacity shall not be less than 80% of the nominal capacity Driving system Operating voltage of driving system 144V  Electrical system Voltage of electrical system 12V Tripping load with bucket(Refer to ISO8313) Tripping load  when  straight line driving   1250Kg Tripping load  when  full turn 900Kg Hydraulic drive system Displacement 12 cc Working pressure 170bar Hydraulic oil capacity 30L Tyre Specifications 26Í12-12 AS Total width 1104mm Dimension Width of protective device 990mm Ground clearance 178mm Tire center width 803mm Total width 1104mm Maximum working height 3630mm Maximum bucket fulcrum height 2900mm Bucket level status height 2649mm Tipping height 2228mm Working distance (tipping state) 690mm Shovel depth 120mm Pivot to bucket lift pin 550mm wheelbase 1550mm Rear overhang 948mm Total length without bucket 3550mm Total length with standard bucket 4330mm Seat height 1208mm Height to top of protective device 2290mm Angle of maximum lifting height 48º Maximum tipping angle 45º Departure angle 24º Corner 45º Maximum turning radius 2530mm Outer edge radius 2200mm Inner turning radius 1110mm
  • New Generation Agricultural Machinery Construction Small Front End Wheel Loader with CE
    New Generation Agricultural Machinery Construction Small Front End Wheel Loader with CE 1. Humanized design 2. European-style appearance, luxurious interior cab. 3. Full glass cockpit door, wide field of vision 4. Brake pipe with protective cover 5. The unique external setting of the injector is convenient for concentrated oil injection. 6. Fine line design, reasonable pipeline layout, easy maintenance 7. Automatic leveling, reducing driver fatigue  Specification Model   918 Rated load kg 1500 Operation total weight kg 3800 Overall Length mm 5100 Overall Width mm 1800 Overall Height mm 2750 Spread of axles mm 2150 Wheelbase mm 2100 ground clearance mm 200 Bucket width mm 1800 Turning radius (tyre center) mm 4500 Turning radius (outside of bucket in transportation position) mm 5500 Max Working height mm 3800 Max unloading height mm 3200 max unloading distance mm 800 Max steering angle ° 38 Trinomial sum sec 10.5 Working hydraulic system pressure Mpa 18 Tyre   20.5-16 Rated power (Yunnei)  kW 37/42/58 Rated power (Yunnei)  kW   Rated speed r/min 2200 Bucket capacity m³ 0.8 Bucket capacity(Long arm)option m³ 0.8 Max speed km/h 38 Forward gear I km/h 6.8 Forward gear II km/h 12 Rear gear I km/h 6.5 Rear gear II km/h 11.8 Max breakout force KN 100 Max traction KN 98 Max climbing ablity ° 29

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