Basic maintenance content for forklift drivers Mar 28 , 2022
The performance of a new forklift is based on the basic routine maintenance done by various regular and daily forklift drivers. Therefore, the basic maintenance done by the forklift driver is a preventive operation, which is mainly performed by the forklift driver. Its operation content is cleaning, replenishment and safety inspection, so as to detect and eliminate the faults in the operation of the forklift in time, and ensure the normal transportation and driving safety every day. It includes three links before leaving the car, on the way and after closing the car.
First content. The daily basic maintenance content of the forklift driver shall be cleaned, inspected and debugged by the forklift driver every shift. It is a daily project centered on cleaning and tightening, and is an important basis for forklift maintenance. The specific maintenance contents include:
1. Remove dust, various dirt and other sundries in the cleaning forklift;
2. Check and add cooling water, lubricating oil and fuel inside the forklift engine; drain water in the cooling system at low temperature (without antifreeze);
3. Check the fastening of the connecting accessories of each part of the forklift, etc. The key parts for cleaning the accumulation of dirt, mud and dust on the forklift are the forklift frame and the gantry slide, the forklift generator and the forklift starter, the forklift battery electrode fork post, the water tank, and the air filter.
4. The key points for checking the fastening of each part are the fork frame support, the lifting chain tension screw, the forklift wheel screw, the wheel fixing pin, the brake and the steering gear screw.
5. Check the reliability and flexibility of the forklift foot brake and steering gear.
6. Check the leakage of accessories containing liquid, such as the joints of each pipeline, diesel tank, oil tank, brake pump, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, water tank, water pump, forklift engine oil pan, torque converter, transmission, drive Axle, final reducer, hydraulic steering gear, steering cylinder. Drain off oil filter deposits. Check the working conditions of electrical accessories such as instruments, lights, and speakers (when overhauling the electrical system, be sure to pull down the main power switch or remove the negative cable connected to the forklift battery).
7. After checking the above items, start the forklift engine, check the operation of the forklift engine parts, and check whether the transmission system, braking system and hydraulic lifting system are working normally.
Second effect. After the basic maintenance work, the forklift driver should achieve: clean the outer body of the forklift, and ensure that the oil, air, fuel filter and forklift battery of the forklift are clean, and there is no leakage (oil, water, electricity, gas). Accessories such as bolts and nuts are not loose or missing. Keep the air pressure of each tire of the forklift normal, brakes such as service brakes and forklift brakes are reliable and flexible, well lubricated, and lights, horns, wipers, etc. work normally.
Third maintenance precautions. Forklift drivers should pay attention to the following issues when doing basic maintenance:
1. For those that do not belong to the structure and performance of the forklift or do not have a deep understanding of some key parts and technical requirements, do not blindly disassemble, inspect and adjust to avoid failure.
2. When checking and maintaining the circuit and fuel system, turn off the forklift engine and the main power switch to prevent sparks from causing fire.
3. It is absolutely not allowed to arbitrarily change the original line of the forklift, otherwise the electrical system of the whole vehicle will not work or the control system will fail, and even the whole line of the forklift will be burned.
4. When the electrical and electronic control system of the forklift fails, professional forklift maintenance technicians must be invited to check and repair to avoid greater losses.
5. When the forklift driver replenishes the brake fluid, he should follow the method specified in the forklift manual. Do not disassemble at will, loosen the bolts and pipes of the brake system, etc.
6. Do not smoke nearby when the battery is charging. Do not smoke near flammable substances such as gasoline to prevent a fire.
7. Wear protective goggles when cleaning and cleaning the battery.
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