Loader Safety Technical Operation Rules Feb 28 , 2022
Mini Wheel Loader safety technical operation rules
1. When the loader is driving, the bucket should be retracted, and the bucket should be about 400 ~ 500mm off the ground. Pay attention to whether there are roadblocks or high-voltage lines during driving. Except for the specified driver, no other people are allowed to ride.
2. When the loader is driving, avoid sudden reversal of driving. When the bucket is driven with a load lifted, it is not allowed to make sharp turns and brake suddenly.
3. The loader must abide by the traffic rules when driving on the road, drive carefully, and it is forbidden to slip in the neutral gear when going downhill.
4. If the engine stalls on sloping slopes, put the bucket on the ground and brake, put the operating levers in the neutral position, and then start the engine.
5. The loader should pay attention that the stick should not be raised too high.
6. When unloading slopes, trenches and pits, be careful not to extend the bucket too much to avoid overturning.
7. It is not allowed to work on the site with an inclination exceeding the prescribed level, and there shall be no obstacles and irrelevant personnel in the operation area.
8. When the loader bogie is not locked, it is strictly forbidden to stand between the front and rear frames for maintenance.
9. After the boom is raised, before lubricating and adjusting, safety pins must be installed or other measures must be taken to support the boom to prevent the boom from falling and hurting people.
10. After the operation, the loader should be parked in a safe place, the bucket should be placed on the ground, all the operating levers should be placed in the neutral position, and the brakes should be locked.
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