How to learn to drive a loader
Jan 04 , 2022
How to learn to drive a small wheel loader

Loaders are ideal tools for shoveling and short-distance transportation of materials.

With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people's level of understanding, the use of loaders in all walks of life has become more and more extensive. At the same time, it also brings huge economic benefits to users.

With the increase in fuel prices, how to better use and give full play to the performance of the loader, while also saving fuel and reducing the cost of use and maintenance, has become an urgent concern for more and more users.

Through practical exploration, I have summed up the "flexible operation method of loader" with six steps to open the loader:

Namely: one light, two stable, three separation, four diligence, five coordination, six prohibition.

One light: When the loader is working, the heel is close to the floor of the cab, and the foot and the accelerator pedal are kept parallel. Gently press down on the gas pedal, and always keep the pedal pressed gently. In this way, the fuel can be fully burned, and the excessive throttle during operation will not make the driver's feet heavy and messy.

Second stability: When the loader is working, the throttle should always be steady. Under normal working conditions, the maximum throttle is about 70%. In this way, the machine can "breathe evenly" like people jogging at work, which can greatly reduce fuel consumption and extend the service life of the machine. The benefits are also reflected in such a natural work. The advantage of asking is to reduce the loss of every moment and obtain long-term economic benefits.

Three separations: When the loader is working, the feet should be separated from the brake pedal and placed flat on the floor of the cab. Never step on the brake pedal. The working environment of the loader is often carried out on the uneven work site. If the foot is stepped on the brake pedal for a long time, the driver will inadvertently automatically brake due to the movement of the body up and down. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to control the vehicle condition and shift gears by controlling the throttle and deceleration. This not only avoids the overheating of the brake system caused by frequent braking, but also brings convenience for the loader to speed up quickly. It avoids a series of seemingly difficult problems such as the caliper disc heating caused by the overheating of the brake system and the phenomenon that sometimes does not occur during braking, as well as the oil leakage of the brake afterburner pump.

Siqin: When the loader is working, especially when the loader encounters resistance during shoveling and digging, do not use the method of slamming the accelerator to control the vehicle condition. Should the throttle be stabilized, use the method of cyclically moving the lifting and turning bucket joysticks to keep the loader in normal working condition and make the bucket full of materials. Due to the needs of work, the cyclical pulling of the joysticks for lifting and rotating buckets is what is referred to here as "diligence". This process is very important, the amount of fuel consumption is very critical in the course of these operations and should be paid special attention to by the operator.

Five coordination: coordination is the organic coordination of the lifting and turning bucket joysticks. The general shoveling and digging process of the loader is first to place the bucket on the ground and move to the pile steadily. When the bucket is shoveled in parallel to the material pile and encounters resistance, the principle of raising the arm first and then retracting the bucket should be first. This can effectively prevent the resistance formed by the bottom of the bucket and the ground, so as to give full play to the maximum digging force. This back and forth parallel operation process solves the level of the work site, the comfort felt by the driver, and the unsafe factors of the work site, and there is no need to clean the work site alone. It reduces the time to level the site alone, increases the effective workload, improves work efficiency, and saves oil. In the organic coordination work of the boom and bucket joysticks, make full use of the large digging force of the loader, and the joysticks are coordinated properly, even the light and stable throttle can smoothly fill the bucket with materials.

Sixth prohibition: There are four specific aspects.

When the loader is working

1. It is strictly forbidden to bang the throttle. Regardless of whether the loader is walking or during shovel loading, do not step on the accelerator pedal forcefully, and always keep the accelerator control light and steady. Sufficiently reduce and reduce man-made failures in operation.

2. Tire skidding is strictly prohibited. When the loader is in operation, the tire will slip if it encounters resistance and suddenly increases the throttle. The occurrence of this phenomenon is not a problem of the loader, but is usually caused by improper operation of the driver. This not only increases fuel consumption but also causes tire damage, causing unnecessary trouble. Therefore, this phenomenon should be strictly prohibited for loader drivers.

3. It is strictly forbidden to tilt the rear wheel. Due to the large digging force of the loader, the driver usually shovels solid original soil and stone hills, etc. If the operation is improper, it is easy to cause the rear two wheels to tilt up, or even to be high from the ground. The landing inertia of these repeated tilting actions caused the blade of the bucket to break and the bucket to deform. When the rear wheel is severely tilted, it is easy to cause cracks in the welds of the front and rear frames and other structural parts, and even breakage of the plates. Therefore, the loader driver should strictly prohibit the working method of rear wheel tilting during the shoveling operation!

4. It is strictly forbidden to hit the pile. When the loader is working, ordinary materials can be digging with the second-stage shovel. However, it is strictly forbidden to make an inertial impact on the pile with a gear above the second gear! The correct method should be to complete a shoveling process by shifting the gear to one gear at the right time when the bucket is approaching the stockpile.

Therefore, the correct operation of the loader can not only reduce the labor intensity of the driver. The more important point is that it can reduce the failure rate of the loader, save fuel, and reduce the user's cost. This also reflects the direct and indirect economic benefits brought by the user using the loader.

"Loader flexible operation method" is especially suitable for those who are new to loader driving. Because the good and correct operating habits developed are a powerful guarantee for the low fuel consumption of the loader and the low failure rate.

It can also serve as a good reference for old drivers who have not undergone professional learning.

For loader sellers and repair centers, this method can be used to guide users in operation. During the activities held in the loader driver club, the "flexible operation method of the loader" can also be used in game projects such as fuel-saving competitions for the loader driver in the driver club.

How to turn on the loader

The operation must be strictly in accordance with the safety regulations. The specific operation is like this: first insert the key into the electric lock hole, release the hand brake, sound the horn, send out the driving signal, check the foot brake, and then start the forklift to enter the work area. The control method of the lifting and tilting of the bucket is different for various models. The driver of the forklift must be highly concentrated when working to prevent the driver from pulling the key and preparing to leave the vehicle when a safety accident occurs. The handbrake must be tightened. The driver must also do the daily maintenance of the forklift, for example, often check whether the gap between the brake pads is appropriate, fill butter, tighten the screws, and the internal combustion engine forklift should also frequently check the oil level of the engine oil, check whether the hydraulic system is intact, and do Good daily cleaning work. In addition, forklift drivers also need to learn the cause analysis and troubleshooting methods of common faults, understand the maintenance time and maintenance items of the forklift, so that the equipment is in the best working condition.

Forklifts generally have two forward gears, one reverse gear and one parking gear. The gears of my automatic car are almost the same!

The forklift also has several operating levers, one is for bucket lifting and the other is for bucket flip.

Start loading the soil with forward one block, level the bucket on the ground, and slowly drive forward. When the soil enters the bucket, use the operating lever to turn the mouth of the bucket upward so that the soil is loaded in the bucket. Lift the bucket with the lift lever, put the gear into reverse gear and exit, then use the forward gear to slowly drive to the car compartment! Notice! The car box should be placed horizontally, and the forklift bucket should be in the middle of the top of the box, and then use the flip handle to turn the bucket mouth to the bottom, and then use the reverse to block the car and put the bucket down and turn over the flat ground with a safe distance from the car!

Precautions when learning to open a loader

1. It is well known that practice makes perfect. Therefore, as a novice driving a forklift, you can't rush for success. You must drive steadily, slowly, with safety as the main direction, and accuracy as the main direction, so that you can achieve something in your forklift career in the future.

2. Novices generally work with forklifts to shovel soil and sand on flat ground. First I dislike these relatively simple tasks.

3. When shoveling dirt and other things, usually directly level the shovel, then step on the accelerator, slowly raise the forearm, and then put the forearm away.

4. If it is a shovel at any time, put the big and forearms down first, so that the shovel is level with the ground. Then put on the gas, and after shoveling in, retract the big arm and the forearm, repeat this action until the shovel is full.

5. Both brake with left foot and throttle with right foot. There are two forward gears, one reverse gear, step on the brake to put into gear, release the brake and refuel and leave. This is the most basic operation.

6. Gradually practice the cooperation of the two joysticks and the steering throttle, as well as the practice of forward and backward.

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