Maintenance method of electric forklift forward and backward failure
Aug 23 , 2021

The main reasons and maintenance methods for the failure of the electric forklift to move forward or backward are as follows, for your reference, and hope it will be useful to you.   

1. The battery of the electric forklift is insufficient or invalid. Repair method: charge in time. If it cannot be charged, check the forklift charger or forklift battery according to the following points to see if there is a fault.   

a. Check whether the forklift charger is faulty? If any, find the manufacturer to solve it.   

b. After connecting the forklift charger, is there an electric output with a clamp meter?   

c. Check whether the charging terminal is loose or oxidized. If there is, it will lead to poor contact and failure to charge.   

d. Has the forklift battery been left uncharged for too long, causing serious vulcanization of the battery pack substrate?   

e. Use a universal meter to measure whether the voltage of the forklift battery meets the battery's standard voltage.   

f. It still doesn't work after the above exclusions are completed, please find the manufacturer or professional maintenance.   

2. The electric forklift travel control micro switch is loose. Repair method: tighten the screws.   

3. The DC contactor of the electric forklift is out of order and needs to be repaired and replaced.   

4. the electric control board of the electric forklift is damaged, and the control board should be repaired or replaced by a professional.

For inspection and maintenance, please refer to the following points:   

a. Whether the surface of the forklift main board is burnt, burned, blistered, exploded, board surface disconnected, socket rusted, etc.   

b. Multimeter measurement method: Whether +5V and GND resistance are too small (below 50 ohms).  

c. Power-on inspection: For the board that is clearly broken, you can slightly increase the original voltage by 0.5-1V, and rub the IC on the board after power-on to let the chip in question heat up, thereby sensing it. d. Logic pen inspection: check the key suspected IC input, output, and control terminals for signal presence, strength, and so on.

e. Check the suspected chip according to the instructions of the manual, first check whether there is a signal (wave type) at the input and output terminals, if there is input or not, then check the IC control line signal (clock), if there is This IC is very likely to be broken, and there is no control signal. Trace to its previous pole until the damaged IC is found.   

5. Forklift drive motor failure, check the following points and focus on maintenance.

a. The forklift drive motor cannot be started, which may be caused by blown fuses, blocked control lines, severe short or open circuit in motor windings, short circuits between commutator segments, poor brush contact, heavy load, or mechanical damage such as bearings. .   

b. The rotation speed of the forklift drive motor is abnormal, which may be caused by short circuit or open circuit of the winding, incorrect position of the brush and overload, damage to the bearing, low power supply voltage, etc.   

c. Sparks in the brushes of the forklift drive motor may be caused by poor contact of the forklift brushes, uneven surface of the commutator, improper brush position, dirty surface, short circuit of the commutator or short circuit of the motor winding.

d. High temperature is generated, which may be caused by overload, forklift bearings and oil seals are too tight, damaged or poorly lubricated, shaft core is not correct, armature and magnetic pole phase friction, winding short-circuit, brush pressure is too large, incorrect position, poor rectification, etc. Causes.   

e. There is noise in the forklift drive motor, which is mainly caused by the damage of the bearings in the electric forklift parts, the uneven surface of the commutator, and the vibration or friction of the electric brush.   

6. The brakes of the electric forklift are locked. Maintenance method: There are many reasons for the failure of electric forklift brakes, including the following three points. One is that the forklift brake system is not regularly maintained. There are too many impurities in the brake master cylinder, poor sealing, vacuum booster pump failure, dirty brake fluid, or mixed use of several brake fluids, and air resistance occurs after heating, the brake master cylinder Or the sub-cylinder leaks oil, the gas storage tank or the pipeline interface leaks, and the oil pipe is not blocked. The second is due to improper operation leading to mechanical failure or try to adjust the distance of the drive wheel brake pads. The third is to replace the oil of the forklift brake cylinder and vent the air before adjusting the partial brake.   

7, the electric forklift does not move at all   

a. Check whether the electric door lock has been opened or broken. Repair method: directly replace with a new electric door lock.   

b. Whether the battery is charged or not, the battery power is insufficient. Repair method: replenish battery power and charge.

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