Maintenance Method of Forklift Start Panel Door Panel
Aug 16 , 2021
Maintenance method of forklift start panel door panel
 1. Preparation before maintenance
   1. First, carefully observe whether there are any obvious signs of failure on the surface of the boot plate of the failed forklift. Such as: whether there are scorched and cracked integrated ICs or other components, whether there are traces of broken wires and cracks on the circuit board.
  2. Understand the process of forklift failure, analyze the cause of the failure, and infer the possible location of the faulty component.
  3. Understand and analyze the application nature of the faulty forklift start board, and count the various types of integrated ICS used.
  4. Sort according to the location of various integrated IC components and the probability of failure.
  5. Use various detection methods to detect in order of possibility, and gradually narrow the scope of the fault.
  6. Determine the specific faulty device. When replacing a good integrated IC, it is best to install an IC device socket for trial replacement.
  7. If it is still abnormal after the loading test, it should be tested again until all the faults on the starting board of the faulty forklift are repaired.
   2. Forklift starter door panel repair method
1. The forklift start boards of various models are different, but the same thing is that each forklift start board must be composed of various integrated blocks, resistors, capacitors and other components, so the forklift start board must be damaged. If one or some devices are damaged, the idea of repairing the boot board is established based on the above factors. Circuit board repair is divided into two parts: inspection and repair, of which inspection occupies a very important position. Test the basic knowledge of repairing each component on the forklift start board, until the defective part is found and replaced, then a circuit board is repaired.
  2. The main point of forklift start board maintenance is to detect where the faulty components are located. And detection is the process of carefully finding, determining and correcting the failure of each electronic component on the board. In fact, the entire inspection process is a thinking process and a test process that provides logical reasoning clues. Therefore, the inspection engineer must be in the process of maintenance, repair, testing, and overhaul of the startup board, main control board, computer board, and panel of various electric forklifts. Gradually accumulate experience, and often rely on past experience to make judgments. Because a circuit board is conventionally composed of thousands of components, it will be very time-consuming to directly test and inspect each component in the circuit board to find problems during maintenance and overhaul. very difficult. Then the check-in repair method from the failure phenomenon to the cause of the failure is one of the important maintenance methods. Because of the board installed on the forklift, as long as the fault point is detected, the repair is easy.
  3, the multi meter test force to the best boot board SMT component repair method
Some of the SMT components of the multi-meter test boot board SMT components are very small. It is inconvenient to test and repair with ordinary multi-meter probes. One is easy to cause a short circuit, and the other is that it is inconvenient for the circuit board coated with an insulating coating to touch the metal of the component pin. part. Here is an easy way to tell everyone, it will bring a lot of convenience to the detection. Take two sewing needles of the smallest size and close them to the multi-meter pen, then take a thin copper wire from a multi-strand cable, tie the test pen and the sewing needle together with a thin copper wire, and then solder firmly . In this way, there is no risk of short circuit when measuring those SMT components with a test pen with a small needle tip, and the needle tip can pierce the insulating coating and directly ram the key parts without having to bother to scrape the film.
  4, the maintenance method of the public power supply short-circuit failure of the forklift start panel door panel
During the maintenance process of the forklift start panel door panel, if you encounter a short circuit of the public power supply, the fault is often serious, because many devices share the same power supply, and every device using this power supply is suspected of short circuit. If there are not many components on the start panel After all, the short-circuit point can be found by using the method of "hoeing the earth". If there are too many components, whether the "hoeing the earth" can hoe the situation depends on luck. A more effective method is recommended here. Using this method will get twice the result with half the effort, and the point of failure can often be found quickly. It is necessary to have a power supply with adjustable voltage and current, voltage 0-30V, current 0-3A, this power supply is not expensive, about 300 yuan. Adjust the open circuit voltage to the device power supply voltage level, first adjust the current to the minimum, add this voltage to the power supply voltage point of the circuit such as the 5V and 0V terminals of the 74 series chip, depending on the degree of short circuit, slowly increase the current, use Touch the components of the boot board by hand. When you touch a component that heats up significantly, this is often a damaged component, which can be removed for further measurement and confirmation. Of course, the voltage must not exceed the working voltage of the device during operation, and the connection cannot be reversed, otherwise it will burn out other good devices.
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