Possible Factors And Maintenance Methods for Forklifts that Cannot be Started
Oct 07 , 2021

1. The forklift battery has electricity, but it cannot be started, and the starter motor does not respond when the key is fired. Maintenance method: Check whether the starter is faulty, the line or battery is not properly connected, and whether there is insufficient overcharge. Check whether the fuse is normal and whether the key switch is in good condition? If the previous points are normal, measure and check whether the battery power is higher than 12.5V. If the battery is aging, replace it with a new one.

  2. The forklift has electricity, oil or gas, but still cannot start. Maintenance method: First, open the engine hood, unplug the central high-voltage line of the distributor, turn on the ignition switch at a distance of 6, 7 mm from the cylinder block, and then fire to make the crankshaft rotate, and check the electrical spark generated by the high-voltage line. Then disassemble all the spark plugs to check for damage. If it is a diesel forklift truck, check whether the high-pressure fuel pump is spraying normally and whether the spray nozzle is atomized normally.

  3. If there is no spark, check the circuit. The reason is that the low-voltage circuit has a short circuit, open circuit, or the ignition coil, and the central high-voltage line is faulty. The contacts can be opened and closed alternately to observe whether the pointer or digital reading of the multimeter is normal. If the ammeter indicates a discharge of 3~5A and it swings intermittently, it indicates that the low-voltage circuit is good and the fault has occurred in the high-voltage circuit; if the pointer of the ammeter does not swing, it indicates that the low-voltage circuit is open; if the ammeter discharges with a large current, it indicates that there is ground in the low-voltage circuit. Fault. If it is a diesel vehicle, check whether the solenoid valve of the high-pressure diesel pump is working normally, whether there is normal voltage coming to the solenoid valve, if not, check the wiring and insurance.

  4. If the spark is too strong and produces a blue-white spark, it means that the low-voltage circuit and the ignition coil are in good condition, and the fault lies in the distributor and the high-voltage circuit of the spark plug. Remove the high-voltage wire head from the upper end of the spark plug, and turn the crankshaft to test the engine body. If there is no fire, check the ignition head, the distributor cover and the high-voltage branch line for leakage. When there is spark, check the ignition timing and the working condition of the spark plug.

   5. When the forklift starts the engine, the engine rotates but does not start. Maintenance method: first check whether the oil circuit and circuit are normal. The inspection method is as above. If it is normal, the compression ratio in the piston is too small, or the mixture of gasoline and air is not atomized, or there is a problem with the carburetor, diesel For forklifts, it may be that the fuel injector is not atomized, so check that the glow plug is first to warm up and then start.

6. The forklift engine rotates, but if it rotates unevenly, the starter motor is worn out. The problem can be solved by replacing the new starter motor.

   7. the battery has no electricity. Repair method: Check whether the battery has electricity. Failure to catch fire may be due to power loss or expiration of battery life due to long-term headlights that have not been turned off. Generally, replace the battery in time according to the maintenance manual, or use other vehicle battery connections to ignite. After the engine can be started, check whether the generator's power generation is normal and whether the generator's magnetic field is sufficient. Idle speed and increase the throttle to measure whether the power generation has changed within the normal value.

   8. The oil supply system does not supply the oil and the pressure is too low. Repair method: Check whether the forklift dipstick or oil gauge has enough oil. If the oil meter shows that it is below the red line, it will naturally not catch fire, just refill it in time. Pay attention to the quality of the oil when refilling, and try to choose a good quality. If it is a gas car, check whether the gas path is unblocked.

   9. some vehicles are equipped with a seat switch, if the driver does not sit on the seat of the forklift, it cannot be activated. Such a device is to prevent accidents where no one is in the driving position, which may sometimes cause accidents that accidentally injure people from the forklift.

   10. Wrong gear. When the automatic transmission car is started, the gear must be placed in the neutral gear in the middle. If it is placed in the forward or reverse gear, it will not catch fire. Before starting the ignition, turn the key to the ON switch, then turn it back and then turn it on to the start switch to ignite. If the key switch is normally turned, it should be within 5-6 seconds, and no more than 10 seconds at most. If the time is too long, Stop and rest for a while and then start it a second time.

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