The reason why the forklift does not go away and the maintenance method
Jan 17 , 2022
Forklifts are mainly divided into two categories: internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts: the current electric forklifts, no matter what brand, will have a set of electronic controllers and instrument display devices. When the forklift fails, first observe the LCD screen or the warning light on the car to see if there is any display or flashing light, and then check the manual of the truck to see what the fault code shows. . If the motor of the forklift can work, it means that the battery is in the electric control box, the circuit before the insurance is good, and the lifting part is not damaged, because the lifting and walking are two circuits, which are two separate sets of independent working power. control. Then the most likely faults are generally, the handbrake switch is stuck and has not reset normally, the accelerator, that is, the accelerator, is also stuck or burned out, does not return to zero, and the electronic control cannot detect the gear. voltage, and the protection shuts down. The forklift direction switch plug wire is not in good contact, or the direction switch neutral wire is not in good contact, and then check that the carbon brush of the motor is not too worn, and whether each switch plug is in poor contact in the electric control box. If the fault cannot be solved, check the following forklift accessories one by one:
1. The electrical socket of the starter switch is loose and falls off. Maintenance method: repair or direct replacement
2. The fuse is blown. Repair method: direct replacement
3. The battery terminal is loose and the plug is damaged. Repair method: pry or replace
4. The battery capacity is insufficient. Maintenance method: repair or recharge and replace, and also check whether the charger can work normally and charge at the same time
5. The operation is incorrect, the front and rear gear levers are not in the neutral position or the micro switch is damaged. Repair method: center the joystick and replace the microswitch
6. The amount of oil in the hydraulic oil tank is insufficient, and the lifting is not in place. Maintenance method: refuel first, then check where there is oil leakage, and then repair and replace
7. The filter screen of the hydraulic oil filter element is blocked. Repair method: clean or replace
8. The driving motor works, but the car does not go. Maintenance method: disassemble and inspect the drive gearbox to see which gears are broken and replace them with new ones. If there are half-axle vehicles, also check the lower half-axle.
9. The drive motor has electricity, but the car cannot go without the motor turning. Maintenance method: Check whether the drive motor is burned out and whether the carbon brush is worn, and then jack up the car to see if the wheels of the car have a card issue.
10. There is no power to the drive motor, and the car does not respond. Maintenance method: firstly check the power supply, then check the insurance, main contactor, controller, accelerator, reversing driving contactor, bypass contactor, regenerative contactor, current sensor, module, diode, module board, etc. Where is it burned out, you can replace it with a new one.
11. The forklift cannot be started, and the display screen does not respond. Maintenance method: Check whether the power supply, key switch, and main contactor are all powered, then check whether the flashing light of the main board is normal, and then go to the boot board and the display screen. Check for burnout and replace with a new one.
12. Check whether the hydraulic pressure works normally. Maintenance method: If the hydraulic pressure is not working properly, check: modules, module boards, main boards, hydraulic motors, hydraulic switches, hydraulic gear pumps, etc., if there are burnt or worn parts, replace them with new ones.
13. Check whether the steering system is working properly. Maintenance method: If the steering is not working properly, re-check the steering gear, booster cylinder and steering motor. Unable to steer Check the steering motherboard, fuse, steering contactor, direction sensor, steering gear, steering motor, steering worm system, steering ball joint and tie rod for looseness and falling off, check triple plate and bearing for damage, steering knuckle and steering king pin , Needle roller bearings, plane bearings, etc. are damaged. If there is a new one, it can be replaced.
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