What are the specific procedures for forklift maintenance?
Nov 08 , 2021

1. The types of diesel forklift maintenance can be divided into five types: run-in period maintenance, daily maintenance, seasonal maintenance, sealed forklift maintenance and regular maintenance.

a. The running-in period maintenance refers to the use of the forklift after the new factory or overhaul, during the specified operating time, which is called the forklift running-in period.

b. Daily maintenance is mainly about cleaning the forklift and external inspection. This includes pre-use inspection, in-work inspection and maintenance after returning to warehouse. There are specific instructions for the daily maintenance of the forklift on this site.

c. Sealed forklift maintenance means that when the forklift is not used for more than three months, it will be sealed up. The technical condition of the sealed forklift must be good. Before being sealed up, maintenance of corresponding types and levels should be carried out according to different vehicle conditions to reach the standard of good technical condition. New cars, overhauled vehicles or forklifts after overhauled engines should generally be sealed up after the break-in period has been completed.

d. Seasonal maintenance. In areas where the lowest temperature throughout the year is below 268K (-5 degrees), the forklift must be maintained during the summer and winter.

e. Regular forklift maintenance can be said to be the most important item in forklift maintenance items, as follows:

1) Daily maintenance, after each shift;

2) First-level technical maintenance. After the engine has been running for 150 hours, the internal combustion forklift with less than 150 hours of work per year will be subject to the first-level maintenance once a year;

3) Second-level technical maintenance. After the engine has been running for 450 hours, the internal combustion forklift with less than 450 hours of work every three years will have a second-level maintenance every three years.

2. Forklift maintenance process

a. Preparation before maintenance

Maintenance forklift type: battery counterbalanced forklift

Distilled water

Extreme pressure lithium grease

Repair tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, balance rods, etc.

Cleaning supplies such as rags.

b. Carry out the following maintenance procedures

1) Cleaning and cleaning work is the basis for improving the quality of maintenance, reducing the wear of various accessories and reducing the consumption of oil and materials, and prepares for inspection, tightening, adjustment and lubrication;

2) Inspection. Inspection is to determine whether the technical performance of each assembly and component is normal, whether the work is reliable, whether there is any variation and damage to the parts through inspection, measurement, testing and other methods, so as to provide reliability for correct use, storage and maintenance. in accordance with;

3) Fastening, due to bumps, vibrations, thermal expansion and contraction of the surface parts during the operation of the forklift. The firmness of each fastener will change, even loose, damaged and lost;

4) Adjustment and adjustment work is an important work to restore the good technical performance of the forklift and to ensure the normal clearance. The quality of the adjustment work directly affects the economy and reliability of the forklift. Therefore, the adjustment work must be carried out in a timely manner according to the actual situation;

5) Lubrication, lubrication work is an important work to extend the service life of forklifts, mainly including forklift engines, gear boxes, hydraulic cylinders, brake cylinders and joints of transmission accessories. The whole vehicle is filled with lubricating oil. At the same time, extreme pressure lithium grease is used to lubricate the pressured mechanical parts such as lifting chains and bearings, which can play a role in lubricating and preventing rust.

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