How Important is Forklift Visibility Feb 09 , 2022
A reduction in the visibility (visibility) of a diesel forklift driver can jeopardize the forklift driver's ability to operate and the safety of the work environment. Choosing a forklift that maximizes visibility also optimizes the forklift driver's ability to maneuver safely and accurately. When purchasing a forklift, the field of view of the forklift mast affecting the visibility of the forklift driver is a major consideration. A recent study of operators and companies across Europe revealed that this is the most important factor in deciding which type of forklift to buy.
As a result, visibility, along with forklift stability and reliability, was high on the priority list, far above the operating cost variable.
The reason is obvious
Visibility is the vast majority of information a forklift driver needs to find and perceive loads and complete handling tasks.
If there is no good observation range, 80% of the operations are prone to accidents. This is especially the case when forklifts lift loads at heights of more than three to four meters or more. Without full control over what's going on, operators face real risks.
A security question...
According to statistics, two-thirds of forklift accidents result in the death or injury of pedestrians or bystanders. This means that a forklift driver's lack of visibility can have serious consequences for his surroundings. Collapsed cargo is one of the leading causes of fatal forklift accidents, often resulting in the need for hospitalization if you're lucky
s damage. Every workplace tragedy creates a human and business burden. This is why visibility within the industry can only be a basic requirement.

Typically, operators are protected from falling objects by metal bars on the cab roof. But while these structures are an effective barrier for large objects, they are not so for smaller objects.

When visibility is reduced...
When visibility is reduced, forklift operators often work in reverse mode, and while this solves the operational problem immediately, the reverse maneuver forces the operator to turn his neck and shoulders, keep one foot on the pedal and one hand on the steering wheel . This is a compulsive move that can cause serious short- and long-term neck and shoulder injuries. It is not without reason that one of the most frequently reported occupational diseases by the Italian National Accident Insurance Institute (INAIL) involves the spine, neck and back.
So what can be done? Swivel chairs can minimize this risk by encouraging proper posture and relieving tension in the shoulders, neck, and back. On the back of the high-altitude guardrail there is a handle with a built-in horn that also often helps the operator press the warning device.
Choosing a forklift with good visibility can improve safety levels as well as the productivity of your business. So, when coupled with a considerable reduction in products and vehicles, the benefits are doubled, or even tripled.

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