Forklift Maintenance Recommendations Feb 21 , 2022
1. Engine maintenance during the warranty period
The first maintenance of a new forklift is generally guaranteed by the forklift manufacturer within 300-500 hours of operation. The warranty period of forklifts: domestic forklifts are generally 1 year or 1000 working hours, and imported forklifts are generally 1 year and 2000 working hours.
2. Engine maintenance outside the warranty period
After the forklift has passed the warranty period, that is, after the warranty period, the maintenance period of the forklift can be referred to as follows:
1. The daily maintenance is mainly carried out by the driver. After the operation on the day, the main content of the work is inspection and fine-tuning.
2. First-level maintenance, after accumulative work of 500 hours, professional maintenance technicians are responsible for maintenance, and the driver cooperates to carry out, mainly to check, clean, wipe, tighten, and lubricate according to the lubrication table.
3. Second-level maintenance, after accumulative work of 2500 hours, professional maintenance technicians are mainly involved, and drivers are involved. In addition to performing first-level maintenance, dismantle and inspect the interior of the forklift motor or engine for cleaning. Overhaul and clean brakes and steering. Check the joints and contacts of each contactor for poor contact and damage, and tighten all the connection bolts. Check whether the shell of each battery is cracked, whether the sealant is good, whether the poles and connecting wires are oxidized and damaged, and whether the wiring is firm. Adjust the tooth engagement gap of the helical bevel gear in the disassembled and inspected cleaning drive. Clean the oil tank, hydraulic cylinder, oil pipe and filter screen, and replace the hydraulic cylinder sealing ring and hydraulic oil. Check the fork frame and shovel plate for cracks, open welding or obvious deformation, and disassemble and inspect the chain box. Check the lifting chain connecting bolts for slip wire and bending deformation. Refinishing the exterior of the vehicle. Lubricate according to the lubrication chart.
3. Air filter, diesel filter, diesel filter (or gasoline filter), oil filter
In the routine maintenance of forklifts, the most frequently replaced three filters are: air filter, diesel filter (or gasoline filter), oil filter and oil. Among them, the three filters refer to diesel filter or gasoline filter, air filter Filter and oil filter, their function is to filter impurities in diesel or gasoline, air and oil, to prevent dust or other impurities from mixing into the engine, so as to cause abnormal wear or abnormal operation of forklift engine parts. . Therefore, the ultimate purpose of replacing the third filter is to better protect the forklift engine parts and prolong the service life of the forklift engine as much as possible, which is also the most routine maintenance item.
Fourth, daily maintenance
Routine maintenance refers to the basic maintenance of the forklift after each shift, the details are as follows:
1. Clean the dirt, mud and dirt on the electric forklift. The key parts are: the fork frame and the gantry slide, the generator and the starter, the battery electrode fork, the water tank, and the air filter.
2. Check the fastening of each part, the key points are: fork frame support, lifting chain tension screw, wheel screw, wheel fixing pin, brake, steering gear screw.
3. Check the reliability and flexibility of the foot brake and steering gear.
4. Check the leakage situation, the key points are: each pipe joint, diesel tank, oil tank, brake pump, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, water tank, water pump, engine oil pan, torque converter, transmission, drive axle, main deceleration gear, hydraulic steering gear, steering cylinder.
5. Remove the oil filter sediment.
Fifth, the choice of forklift maintenance service providers
1. Select the nearest. This is the only criterion for saving time, as close as possible. Or look within a 2km radius from where the forklift stops. In this way, the maintenance of the forklift is convenient and transportation costs are saved.
2. During the maintenance and repair process, pay attention to whether the parts replaced by the technicians are mainstream brands. The replacement of forklift parts during the maintenance process is also one of the important contents of the maintenance service. Because in the use of accessories, whether to use reliable and best matching accessories is an important part of ensuring the quality of maintenance, so the replacement parts for maintenance should use mainstream brand accessories with quality assurance as much as possible.
3. The equipment of vulnerable parts, the comprehensive forklift repair factory basically has the stock of the commonly used vulnerable parts, and makes preparations in advance when maintaining the forklift, otherwise it will delay the customer's use of the car.
4. The technology of maintenance service providers. It is necessary to understand that forklift maintenance technicians or service providers do not have excellent technology, and ensure the efficiency and quality of forklift maintenance from the quality of skilled maintenance personnel and accessories.
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