How to Check and Adjust The Operating Torque of The Forklift Hand Brake Lever? Mar 17 , 2023
The operating torque can be adjusted as follows to lock the counterbalance forklift truck hand brake lever:
1. Tighten the hand brake lever of the forklift to the locked position.
2. Remove the handle and rubber pad.
3. Use a special tool (KV99107500) to clamp the position of the fork pin, and use the U-shaped notch of the tool to fix the bolt head.
4. Use a special tool (KV99107500) to lock and loosen the handbrake lever of Toyota forklift parts at the same time, and the parts that adjust the width across sides of the screws will be taken out from the recessed position. Note the following: The recessed position locks the adjusting bolt. Adjust the handbrake lever to the locked torque at a position suitable for the torque. Standard: 147.1-196.1N (15.00-20.00KG, 33.1-44.1B).
5. Reinstall the handle and rubber pad during adjustment, and ensure that the adjusting bolt is sunk into the slot
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