Reasons and Solutions for Heavy Steering of Forklifts Apr 14 , 2023
The reasons and troubleshooting methods of diesel forklift truck turning heavy, shared with you by Xiamen Interquip Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Fault phenomenon: When the forklift turns left or right, it feels heavy and laborious to turn the steering wheel.
cause of issue:
1. The upper and lower bearings of the steering screw are adjusted too tightly or the bearings are damaged.
2. The adjustment of the meshing gap between the rack and the gear sector is too tight.
3. The adjustment of the ball head device of the horizontal and vertical tie rods is too tight.
4. Tie rods and steering bridges are bent and deformed.
5. The steering gear of the forklift is poorly lubricated, such as lack of oil in the steering gear of the forklift. The ball joints are not lubricated in time, which increases the friction force.
The exclusion method is as follows:
1. Remove the rocker arm of the forklift steering gear and feel heavy when turning the steering wheel, then you should adjust the tightness of the forklift rack, gear fan, and screw bearing. If you feel uneven tightness or internal jamming, you should check the screw, steel ball, conduit clamp, rack and bearing for frizz or damage. Repair or replace as necessary.
2. When turning the steering wheel for inspection, if you feel relaxed, it means that the inside of the steering gear is good. You should check whether the transmission mechanism is too tight or not lubricated. If necessary, adjust and lubricate.
3. If the above conditions are all good, you should check whether the steering axle is deformed and whether the air pressure of the forklift tires is sufficient.
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