What Oil Should Be Added to The Loader Gearbox? Is The Loader Gearbox A Hydraulic Coupling? Apr 19 , 2024
What oil should be added to the loader gearbox?
There are many kinds of gearboxes for front wheel loader, and the oil they add is different. The gearbox of Shan gong loader needs hydraulic oil, the ZF gearbox needs engine oil, and other planetary gearboxes need hydraulic transmission oil.

Is the loader's gearbox a fluid coupling?
The gearbox is divided into planetary type and fixed-axis type, both of which change the output speed and torque through different gear ratios to achieve the effect of changing the output speed and output torque.

The pump impeller of the small articulating loader torque converter is rigidly connected to the engine flywheel, that is, the input speed of the torque converter and the output speed of the engine are always consistent. The loader's torque converter will have a variable speed pump. This

The main function of the pump is to suck oil from the oil pan of the gearbox, supply the transmission oil in the torque converter, and lubricate and cool the various gears and clutch plates in the gearbox.

For a torque converter, the main parameters are the transmission ratio and the torque ratio. For torque converter manufacturers, they generally provide a thousand-rpm torque to match the engine and the torque converter.

The working principle of the torque converter is that the torque converter pump wheel directly connected to the engine rotates, stirring the transmission oil in the torque converter and moving according to certain rules. There is a fixed guide wheel in the middle of the hydraulic torque converter. When the liquid passes through When the stator wheel goes through various complex changes, it impacts the output turbine and drives the turbine to rotate to achieve the effect of increasing torque. When the torque is increased, the output speed of the turbine will decrease.
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