How to Choose A Loader Model Apr 25 , 2024
1. Determine the corresponding driving speed of the agriculture wheel loader according to the working conditions

For denser ores, solid raw soil, or loose materials with lower density such as soil, coke, etc., due to different operating conditions, the choice of loader also has a large difference.

For those materials with higher density such as solid raw soil and ore, due to the high requirements on traction (insertion force), products with lower working speed and larger breakout force and traction force should be selected to ensure normal use.

Because loose materials do not require high traction (insertion force) of the front end loader, you can choose products with higher driving problems to achieve higher work efficiency.

Due to different working media, many companies have launched specialized products for a specific working medium. In order to meet the needs of users in different working conditions, Xiamen Interquip Machinery has specially launched different working devices such as coal mine-specific buckets, coke-specific buckets, rock buckets, wood grabbers, and snow pushers, and matched with different types of loading machines. machine, allowing you to achieve the purpose of using one machine for multiple purposes

2. Determine the loader with corresponding rated load capacity based on the workload

In order to achieve the best economic benefits, loader users should determine how much load capacity they should buy based on the principle of practicality and sufficient workload. That is, it cannot be too large or too small. If it is too large, it will cause waste, and if it is too small, it will not be used enough.

First of all, for road construction operations and large coal mines, due to the heavy workload, long working cycle, and spacious working environment, the supporting transport machinery has a load capacity of more than 10 tons. In this case, 5 tons or 6 tons should be selected. Loaders with a ton capacity can improve operating efficiency and reduce construction costs. The ITQ958N 5-ton loader of Xiamen Interquip Machinery can meet the requirements. For occasions with relatively small workload, such as earthmoving, river sand, etc., you can generally choose products with a load capacity of 3 tons or 4 tons. For particularly small workloads, For example, in some small individual sand and gravel yards, the supporting vehicles are generally small tractors. Generally, products of 1.5 tons or less can be selected to avoid excess loader operating capacity, thereby achieving economic and practical purposes. Here I would like to recommend Xiamen Interquip Machinery ITQ918 loader to you. The parts of this loader are more common, so it is more convenient to maintain.
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