Diesel forklift - several common problems and solutions Nov 22 , 2022
The deformation of the diesel forklift truck mast can be eliminated by correction. When the bending and twisting deformation is small, it is allowed to use cold correction plus static load method for correction. When the bending, twisting deformation is too large, and the cold pressure is difficult to correct, it can be corrected by heating. When heating, the heating area should be minimized. The heating temperature generally does not exceed 700 ° C, and it should be cooled slowly to avoid increasing brittleness.

How to repair the damage of the forklift mast - Repair of cracks in the forklift mast: If cracks are found during the inspection, they should be repaired.

First, grind the cracks until the metallic luster is exposed, then check carefully to determine the crack boundaries, and drill 5-8mm restricted holes at 10mm of the boundary extension.

The second is to use a grinding wheel to grind the groove of the weld bead at the crack.

3. When filling welding, it is best to use DC reverse arc welding. The arc should be as short as possible, with a diameter of 4mm and a current of about 210-240a. The electrode should tend to move 20-30° during welding. Filling and welding work starts from drilling to the other end of the crack, and the reverse side is also welded, and the height of the weld must not exceed the plane of the substrate by 1~2mm. The ambient temperature should be above 0°C during welding.

The mast of the forklift should be calibrated before repairing to maintain the inherent straightness of the mast.
Lubricant replacement for diesel forklifts:

Many newly bought forklifts or forklifts that have stopped working for a long time are not very flexible in starting within two weeks of use. For bearings that should be lubricated, new oil should be used to squeeze out all the old oil when lubricating. Out, and lubricated more than two times, should pay attention to the following three aspects:

Seasonal lubricants (oil, etc.) should be changed in summer or winter.

Before lubricating, the dirt on the oil cap, oil plug and oil nipple should be removed to prevent dirt from falling into the mechanism.

When injecting lubricant with an oil gun, the components that should be injected to each part should be combined to squeeze out the lubricant.
Replacement of diesel forklift tires:

Regardless of whether the tire inflation has reached the specified value after installation, after a short distance running for a period of time, check whether the bolts of each part are loose. Only in this way can safety be guaranteed, no matter what you do, you must pay attention to safety, safety is the last.

Park the forklift on a flat and hard road, turn off the engine, and keep the forklift in an unloaded state.

The fork is lowered to the ground and the wheel is stopped with the parking brake. If changing the driving tire, support the jack on the front side of the frame. If changing the steering tire, support the jack in the center of the rear axle rear support frame.

Use a jack to lift the forklift slightly so that the tires are still in contact with the ground; first unscrew the bolts that secure the inflation tube, remove the clips, and loosen the wheel nuts.

With the car fully supported on the jack, turn the lug nuts and remove the tire.

The installation sequence is the reverse of the removal sequence. When installing the hub nuts, the tightening torque must reach the specified value.
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