Maintenance Skills of Small Wheel Loaders Need to Know Nov 28 , 2022
Due to the advantages of compact body, flexible movement, and fast working speed, small wheel loaders are popular among construction workers once they are promoted. There is a small wheel loader in the project, which not only speeds up the driving speed and improves work efficiency, but also saves labor investment costs and reduces the labor intensity of workers.
Such a worry-free small loader should also do the following maintenance:

1. Check the oil quantity of the engine oil, the water quantity of the water tank, the transmission and the diesel tank, and the oil quantity of the working oil tank.

2. Check the tire pressure and shape.

3. Check whether the operating mechanism and signal equipment are in good condition.

4. Check whether there is any abnormal noise after the engine is started, and whether the instruments are working normally.

5. Whether there is oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage in each part.

6. Check whether the transmission, torque converter, front and rear axles are overheated.

7. Whether the fasteners of each part are loose or missing.

8. After winter operation, pay attention to draining the engine.

Good maintenance can not only maintain the working efficiency of the small loader, but also effectively extend the service life of the machine.
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