Forklift use management and maintenance system Jan 30 , 2023
Heavy diesel forklift use management and maintenance system
Before work
1. Before driving, the driver should check whether the water level and oil level of the engine meet the requirements, and check whether the joints and joints are leaking or leaking.
2. Check the amount of fuel oil, hydraulic oil, and oil pipe joints for oil leakage.
3. Check whether the wires of the battery electrode column are tightened, and whether other wires are loose
4. Check whether the tire pressure, steering wheel, and free travel of the brake pedal are appropriate
5. Check whether the lights, horns and other signal devices are normal
6. The problems found in the inspection should be eliminated before leaving the car
7. After the engine is started, check whether the various instruments are normal; if any abnormality is found, the engine should be turned off immediately, and the engine can be checked and eliminated.
8. Release the brake handle before starting another car operation, and then start to drive, and check whether the pedal brake effect is good; check whether the lifting and tilting action of the mast is normal, and whether the steering is light and flexible; it can be put into operation after confirming normal .
At work
1. When the car is in operation, pay attention to listening for abnormal sounds.
2. When the car is driving on the main road in the factory area and workshop, its speed should be controlled within the speed range specified by the factory safety department, and pedestrians should sound their horns at any time.
3. The car can only be reversed after it is completely stopped; it is strictly forbidden to lift, tilt and operate at the same time and overload
4. If any abnormal phenomenon occurs, stop the machine for inspection and eliminate it in time.
After work
1. Before the engine is turned off, the engine should be idled for 2-3 minutes and then turned off.
2. After the engine is turned off and stopped, the brake handle should be tightened.
3. In the low temperature season (below zero), the cooling water should be exhausted
4. When the temperature is lower than -15 degrees, the battery should be removed and moved indoors to avoid freezing and cracking.
5. Turn the handle of the oil filter for 1 to 2 turns, check whether the bolts and nuts are loose, and eliminate the abnormal situation in time.
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