Troubleshooting Method for Forklift Steering System Jan 06 , 2023
As an important forklift accessory, the steering system will inevitably have some faults in daily use. It is undoubtedly a troublesome thing to go to the service station for repair every time a fault occurs. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to self-inspection in daily use. Let's take a look at the common fault analysis of the steering system of forklift accessories:
1. Composition of forklift steering system: Forklift steering system is composed of steering device, steering bridge, etc.
2. 3 ton forklift steering device: it consists of steering wheel, upper end shaft assembly, universal joint, lower end shaft assembly, bearing, shaft adapter ring, lower end steering tube, steering gear, priority valve, clamping handle, hydraulic switch, etc. The inclination angle of the steering wheel can be adjusted forward and backward respectively according to needs.

3. Steering bridge: The horizontal oil cylinder steering system is adopted, which makes the steering easier, more convenient and reliable.

4. Inspection and troubleshooting of common faults in the steering system:

1. Oil spill
Check: The steering cylinder seal is damaged or the pipeline is subsequently damaged. Exclude: replace
Check: The seal ring at the hub bearing or support bearing is damaged. Remedy: replace the sealing ring
2. The steering angle of the left and right drive wheels (front wheels) does not match
Check: Controller parameters are incorrect. Exclude: adjust
3. The steering operation is laborious
Check: Diverter valve pressure is too low. Elimination: adjust the pressure
Check: There is air in the oil circuit. Exclude: Exclude air
Check: the steering gear reset failure, the positioning spring fragments or insufficient elasticity. Remedy: replace the spring leaf
Check: Steering cylinder leaks too much. Remedy: check the piston seal
4. Abnormal noise of the steering system
Check: Hydraulic oil level is too low. Remedy: filling hydraulic oil
Check: The steering pinion rack is damaged. Exclude: replace
Check: The support shaft is damaged. Exclude: replace
Check: Insufficient lubrication. Exclusion: add lubricating grease
Check for: Suction line or oil filter clogged. Exclusion: Clean or replace
5. The steering wheel does not move:
Check: The oil pump is damaged or malfunctioning. Exclude: replace
Check: The priority valve is blocked or damaged. Exclusion: Clean or replace
Check: the rubber hose or joint is damaged or the pipe is blocked. Exclusion: replace or clean
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