Description of the advantages of off-road forklifts Feb 08 , 2023
Off-road forklifts have the advantages of strong off-road capability, sufficient horsepower, fuel-saving, and sensitive driving. The height of the chassis from the ground is suitable, and it can operate freely in mud, grass, and very harsh conditions. At the same time, the advantages of off-road forklifts are described in detail below. one time

1. The off-road forklift is large in size, stable in performance and full of power. It is suitable for heavy loads and has a long continuous working time. It can continue to work for more than 8 hours when the fuel tank is filled.

2. The off-road forklift has fast driving speed and high operating efficiency, saving working time and relatively improving working efficiency, and it is easier to repair when there is a maintenance failure.
3. The off-road forklift does not need a carburetor and an ignition device, and these two parts are prone to failure, so in comparison, the failure rate is low, and the diesel engine has a simple structure and easy maintenance.

4. The exhaust gas of diesel forklifts is less polluting to the environment than gasoline engines, especially the carbon monoxide component is less, which is less harmful to the human body.

5. Due to the high working pressure in the cylinder of the off-road forklift, the forklift's overall size and weight are relatively large, which are in line with the requirements of the forklift in terms of vehicle weight.
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