How to remove the forklift body and frame? May 08 , 2023
First, the operator seat.
1. Open the battery cover and lock it tightly.
2. Remove the nut from the back of the battery cover of the sit down counterbalance forklift, and then remove the operator's seat. Be careful not to drop the operator's seat during the removal process.
Second, the forklift battery cover. Please note that assistance is required when removing the battery cover. When opening or closing the battery cover, be careful not to get your hands or fingers caught between the battery cover and battery case.
1. Remove the operator's seat (if necessary).
2. Remove the torsion bar cover. Open and lock the battery cover.
3. Remove the torsion bar bracket.
4. Loosen the battery cover lock, then close the battery cover, remove the bolts that fix the hinge to the torsion bar, and then disassemble the hinge and torsion bar.
5. Remove the battery cover of the forklift.
Third, the top protective frame assembly.
1. Thread the lifting steel rope/nylon rope into the top protection frame, support the top protection frame with a crane or hoist, and keep the lifting steel rope/nylon rope from slipping off the top protection frame.
2. Disconnect the connectors of the wiring connected to the heavy fixture.
3. Remove the front and rear beam locks and the fixing bolts of the forklift truck body, and then remove the top protective frame assembly.

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