Disassembly and decomposition steps of forklift oil pump Jun 09 , 2023
Disassembly and decomposition steps of 3 tons diesel forklift oil pump
1. Disassembly steps.
1. Remove the lower cover, and clean and remove dust around the oil pump.
2. Cut off the oil inlet hose and drain the oil in the oil pump with a pipe. It should be noted that the oil tends to overflow, and the pipe should be covered with a rag, and the oil inlet hose should be clamped with a clamp to prevent the oil from overflowing, and then disassembled. Prevent impurities from entering the oil pump or conduit.
3. Remove the fixing bolts of the oil pump, and then separate the oil pump from the pump motor.
4. Drop into the oil pipe flange and disconnect the oil pump connector.
2. Decomposition steps. Before disassembly, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the dirt of the oil pump casing and prepare some new spare parts that need to be updated, such as non-reusable sealing rings, oil seals, etc.
1. Put the oil pump on the clamp table and loosen the bolts, move the pump to the workbench and remove the bolts.
2. Make alignment marks on the pump body and the back cover, remove the back cover, and then remove the body seal ring, bush seal ring and backing ring.
3. After making alignment marks on the pump casing and the fixing frame, remove the fixing frame, and then remove the sealing ring of the body, the sealing ring of the bushing and the backing ring.
4. Remove the snap ring from the fixed frame, and then remove the oil seal.
5. Remove the bearing housing including the transmission and driven gears from the fuselage.
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