How to remove the forklift counterweight and instrument frame? Jun 15 , 2023
How to remove the diesel rough terrain forklift counterweight and instrument frame?
1. Counterweight.
1. Remove the battery cover of the forklift.
2. Remove the top protection frame assembly.
3. Remove the forklift battery from the forklift.
4. Open the counterweight cover, lift the center of gravity, and then remove the counterweight cover.
5. Remove the wiring and cables connected to the controller. Take care to move the cables and wiring removed from the counterweight to the side of the frame.
6. Put the hoisting steel rope/nylon rope into the counterweight hook, use a crane or hoist to support the top protection frame, and keep the hoisting steel rope/nylon rope tight.
7. Remove the counterweight fixing nuts and bolts.
8. Raise and remove the counterweight.
2. Instrument frame
1. Keep the mast assembly tilted forward.
2. Remove the floor mat and floor.
3. Remove the instrument inner cover.
4. Remove the protective frame assembly.
5. Remove the steering rod assembly and the lever bracket of the hand brake lever.
6. Remove the connectors connected to various switches and instrument wiring.
7. Remove the control rod from the control valve.
8. Thread the lifting steel rope/nylon rope into the counterweight hook, support the instrument frame with a crane or hoist, and keep the lifting steel rope/nylon rope tight.
9. Remove the locking bolts of the instrument frame, raise the instrument frame and remove it from the vehicle frame.
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