What parameters must be understood before buying a forklift? Feb 16 , 2023
When we buy a forklift, the manufacturer will provide you with a table with many parameters. However, some friends can't understand this form, and some friends think this form is not important.

Xiamen Interquip Machinery Co., Ltd. tells everyone that this form is very important. Whether we can buy a suitable diesel forklift truck depends on whether the forklift can meet our needs. The parameters on this table are the criteria to measure whether a forklift is suitable for us. Let me tell you how to understand the parameter table of the forklift.

We will find that there are many numbers on the parameter table of the forklift. Let me introduce some important parameters first.

The first is the rated lifting capacity, which refers to the maximum quality of the forklift that can lift and carry goods under specified conditions and normal use. This weight is measured when the forklift mast is in a vertical state and the load center distance is at a standard value.

The maximum lifting height is the vertical distance from the upper surface of the horizontal section of the fork to the ground when the fork is vertically raised to the highest position.

The minimum turning radius of a forklift refers to the maximum distance from the outside of the vehicle body to the turning center when the forklift is running forward and backward at low speed, turning left and right, and the steering wheel is at the maximum turning angle under no-load conditions.

The right-angle channel width refers to the minimum channel width required when the fork is adjusted to the maximum spacing and the forklift turns at a right angle.

The actual lifting capacity refers to the maximum mass that can actually lift and carry goods without affecting the stability when the forklift is used under the specified conditions.

The minimum ground clearance refers to the vertical distance from the lowest point of the vehicle to the ground except for the wheel brakes under the rated lifting capacity or no-load state.

These are the more important parameters of forklifts. We need to understand the weight and size of our own goods, the width between the shelves, the height of the shelves, the ground bearing capacity of the workplace, etc., and compare the parameter table to choose a forklift that suits us.

If you still don’t know how to refer to the parameter table to choose a forklift, welcome to consult by email or phone, we will have professional sales staff to customize the most suitable forklift for you.
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