New 16-45 Ton Forklift Loader

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Brand New Wheel 32 Ton Forklift Loader

forklift wheel loader


1.The Z-shaped link mechanism designed espeially for stone operating conditions features high breakout force and loading capacity and the classic double-rocker structure ensures a broad operating view.
2.The extended wheelbase and wheel tread and ultra-high ballast realize good working stability of the machine.
3.The China-lIl engine, high reliability electronic control counter shaft transmission, and the reinforced dry-type drive axle are matched perfectly to save the fuel and reduce the consumption.
4,The higher dumping height and dumping distance, extensive rotation angle scope of forks, and adjustable fork spacing are suitable to diversified operation needs, including the forklifting and overturning of stones.
5.The 23.5-25 24PR engneering tires are suitable to diversified severe road conditions, featuring powerful off-road performance. The optional tire chains are at your choice.
6.The high ground clerance,small tuming radius, and high depature angle of the class is can adapt to various complicated operation conditions.

wheel loader forklift


Model ITQ32T
Operating weight 34,000kg
Engine model WD10G270E201
Rated engine power 199kw
Rated rotate speed 2200r/nin
Max.torque 1100N.m
Max.dumping height 3100mm           
Rated load 32tons @3100mm height,
NO.of shifts Forward 4 For Reverse 2
Forward/Reverse 1 0-6.5km/h
Forward/Reverse 2 0-12.3km/h
Forward 3 0-24km/h
Forward 4 0-41km/h
Grade ability ≥25°
Turning angle 35°±1°
Overall length 10100mm
Overall width 3220mm
Overall height 3730mm
Wheel base 4300mm
Track base 3197mm
dimension of fork 1500*mm200*mm120mm
Torque converter Model: YJ375X3 ratio:3.166
Cycling time 16s
Tire type 29.5-25

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New Generation Agricultural Machinery Construction Small Front End Wheel Loader with CE 1. Humanized design 2. European-style appearance, luxurious interior cab. 3. Full glass cockpit door, wide field of vision 4. Brake pipe with protective cover 5. The unique external setting of the injector is convenient for concentrated oil injection. 6. Fine line design, reasonable pipeline layout, easy maintenance 7. Automatic leveling, reducing driver fatigue  Specification Model   918 Rated load kg 1500 Operation total weight kg 3800 Overall Length mm 5100 Overall Width mm 1800 Overall Height mm 2750 Spread of axles mm 2150 Wheelbase mm 2100 ground clearance mm 200 Bucket width mm 1800 Turning radius (tyre center) mm 4500 Turning radius (outside of bucket in transportation position) mm 5500 Max Working height mm 3800 Max unloading height mm 3200 max unloading distance mm 800 Max steering angle ° 38 Trinomial sum sec 10.5 Working hydraulic system pressure Mpa 18 Tyre   20.5-16 Rated power (Yunnei)  kW 37/42/58 Rated power (Yunnei)  kW   Rated speed r/min 2200 Bucket capacity m³ 0.8 Bucket capacity(Long arm)option m³ 0.8 Max speed km/h 38 Forward gear I km/h 6.8 Forward gear II km/h 12 Rear gear I km/h 6.5 Rear gear II km/h 11.8 Max breakout force KN 100 Max traction KN 98 Max climbing ablity ° 29
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